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Let’s get some air, shall we? How about a hilltop breeze in Cork, Ireland? Let’s take a little walk with Carol Feller, whose four new designs are featured in the newly-released MDK Field Guide No. 14: Refresh.

I feel refreshed already.

We’re so excited for the knitting days and nights to come, when we’ll get to explore these designs. It’s an added pleasure to be working with a yarn that is brand new to us: Nua Sport, a blend of wool, yak, and linen that Carol Feller designed herself. There’s a wonderful unity to a designer being able to work with yarn that’s been spun to the exact specifications she’s looking for.

Here’s my one and only (yet), precious ball of Nua Sport, in the shade Unexpected Macaw.

Everybody at MDK World Headquarters in Nashville loves this color, but we have one question: what color is an expected macaw?

My one ball of Unexpected Macaw will give me a chance to put Nua Sport through its paces. If you’re curious about Nua Sport, Carol’s Arcade Cap in Field Guide No. 14 is the perfect one-skein tryer-outer project.

Here’s one in the shade known as Cafe Flamingo, a friend of unexpected macaw.

And because I’m sorely deprived of knitting needle variety these days, this project will also give me a chance—finally, belatedly—to learn Magic Loop.

As we explore MDK Field Guide No 14, Carol will be back with short video tutorials for us. She’s a wonderful teacher. Check out her YouTube channel and see what I mean.

If you’re looking at one of the MDK Field Guide No. 14 projects and wondering, “Can I do that?”—the answer is yes, with Carol’s help, you definitely can.

This is going to be So. Much. Fun.






  • What a lovely little video. Thanks for sharing. I’m excited to explore my new field guide now.

  • I was fortunate enough to go to a retreat with Carol last year. She’s an amazing young woman. If you’ve never had the opportunity to knit with her Nua, you’re in for a real treat. Her patterns are very well written and if you do have a problem she’s so helpful. I can’t say enough good things about her. And, her part of the world is breathtakingly beautiful. I’ll do it again, if the chance comes my way.

  • Lovely video! What is the pattern she is knitting?

    • I believe it may be Rustylines. It’s a sweater design knitted on the bias. It was introduced last year through a KAL. It’s awesome and fits so well. Check it out. I met Carol on a retreat; what a wonderful teacher. Her patterns are so well written with interesting construction. I’m an avid fan; you’ll love working with Nua. I can’t say enough!

  • What a nice getaway from a wet and dreary April day in Massachusetts

  • Once you learn magic loop, you will probably never go back to dpn’s! So much faster!

    • I mostly knit Magic Loop, but decided to go back to basics (DPNs) for some socks. Which have been in timeout for about three years…maybe I’ll revisit them with circa in hand….

  • Here’s an onion for your garden of knowledge: blue macaws are called hyacinth macaws. The “expected” ones must be those who sport several primary colors. I was happy to read that maybe all macaws are limited tool users. Can knitting macaws be far away on the evolutionary timeline? Best to all and what a lovely new collection of patterns!

  • Once you have learned magic loop, would you teach it? That would be wonderful!

  • The yarn colors are incredible and I love the weight

  • Aaah! Cool! I knit just like Carol!

    Holding the right needle pencil style and flicking the forefinger. I’ve had so many people marvel at how fast I go. Also, I never have the problem of my knits and purls differing in size, the action is identical, and my flat gauge is my in-the-round gauge.

    I made a video to show to a Ravelry group-
    I thought it was an Asian style of throwing since I learned from my mom, but I guess not.

    Kay, you’ll like magic loop!

  • she is knitting English style knitting flipping her working yarn. Love the pattern of the sweater.

  • I was so interested to see your style of knitting because it’s exactly how I knit!! I live in Australia, have been knitting since I was a child and am now 76. My dear mother taught me and I am so glad I learned as I had 3 daughters and knitted many cardigans and jumpers for them. Unfortunately, none of them are really into knitting.

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