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Nothing rouses the dog days of summer like a parade—and I don’t mean the kind you have to set your folding chair on the curb at 5am to reserve a front-row view.

I mean a round up of recommendations for knittertainment by DG Strong, master and commander of Ship Station, hello@mdk box helpmeet, the voice crying out in the Slack wilderness, the all-around MDK tastemaker.

These are the DG Days of Summer.


Knit to This: Tami Neilson

Knit to This: A Life in Song

Knit to This: House Music


Knit to This: The French Dispatch

Knit to This: Yola/Mitford

Knit to This: Daphne Rubin-Vega


Knit to This: Make Way for Lucia

Rock Crystal

Knit to This: Seth’s Christmas Ghost Stories

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Step 2: Add your float to this knittertainment parade. My addition is linked up above: an interview with James Nestor, the author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. Add your listening, watching, or reading recommendation with a comment below!

Deadline for entries: Sunday, July 16, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.


  • Here’s some news: the podcast mentioned above (The Horror of Dolores Roach) is now a tv series on Amazon Prime.

    • I love knitting to podcasts and audiobooks. My favourite knitting podcasts are Yarniacs and the Knitmore Girls. Non knitting ones I like are The Rabbithole Detectives and Ologies. Recent audiobooks I can recommend are Weyward and also Wanderers.

    • I’ve been into books about living longer but most importantly, increasing your high quality longevity where you can still be healthy enough to do what you love. Two of my recent books recommendations are “Outlive” and “Born to Move”. You only have one body, we have to do what is best to take care of it!

    • Any audio book. Most recently Zorrie.

    • Darlingside, an Americana/folk group makes for a soothing listening experience.

      • Thank you for this suggestion! A new to me band that I didn’t know I needed. ❣️

    • I love knitting to the Lisa Congdon Sessions podcast. So good. (Also, that water bottle is so my color!)

      • She really talks so fast!!! I wanted to listen but couldn’t keep up!

    • Okay, but you know you can’t enter the giveaway, right?

      • BBC Antique Roadshow, ALL DAY LONG

      • The album Yellow Peril by Nay Myers. Ramble No More is one of my favorite songs from the album

        • Oooh, I loved Breath and have been taping my mouth at night for over a year now. Even if it doesn’t do any real good, I can claim I’m not snoring and complain that my partner still does 😉 But I do believe I sleep better, am better hydrated, and breath through my nose more during the day (hence I look smarter

    • Just finished reading The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood. So much fun that I’ve purchased the second book in this 3 part series. It’s coming to Masterpiece Theatre soon too.

      • ❤️

      • Just finished listening to House of Eve. Fascinating and well written. Adored all three books in the Thursday Murder Club series. For some reason, I’m rewatching the entire Gilmore Girls run. They irritate me as much as they did the first time but I can’t look away.

  • I am a big fan of the Passport offerings on PBS. I am capable of watching PBS without knitting (or folding laundry), and vice versa, but I don’t. I choose less challenging projects if I’m watching something with subtitles.

    • Working my way through the Studio Ghibli movies.

    • Anything on PBS – every evening I knit to a Murder in some charming English hamlet, with occasional trips to sunny tropical isles

    • I adore Passport. It felt like a life raft during the COV*D times.

  • I’m enjoying listening to the Leviathan Chronicles on Spotify while knitting. I’m also known to knit during meetings which definitely make the meetings more enjoyable for me

    • If you like a good mystery with Irish history listen to the Sister Fedelma Mysteries.

      • Yes! TrueType the best crime fiction ever! Also, the author is an Irish historian so the books are packed with information that goes down so easily!

      • Count me in. Is it a show or audible?

      • Yes, Sister Fidelma mysteries by Peter Tremayne are great!

  • I love listening to the podcast Ologies with Alie Ward. Very entertaining and I’ve learned so much. She even has a shorter version, Smologies that is great for younger listeners.

    • I love Ologies

  • I read The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman recently, and couldn’t put it down. Stayed up way too late reading just one more chapter and regretted it not at all. It would be perfect for fans of cozy mysteries, and is full of twists and turns that kept me guessing.

    • The narration of this book is also excellent!

    • They are such a treat!

  • I recently listened to the audiobook The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont – a engaging story that kept me happily knitting away.

  • read Hello Beautiful

    • Yes!

  • Treat yourself to a sit-down listen to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 — the Pastorale Symphony. It reminds me of all the color and joy of summer.

    • The Endeavour series on PBS Masterpiece. Amazing to knit to. Great music as well.

      • Check out the Endeavor playlist on Spotify. Almost 6 hours of music that was used in the show.

  • I am listening to Stephen King’s Fairy Tale on audible. The narration is excellent! I still have 20 more hours of listening/knitting pleasure.

  • You must try Lessons in Chemistry. A wonderful read about a strong woman.

    • Loved this book!

    • I second this recommendation!! I liked it so much that I listened to it twice 🙂

  • My daughter and I listen to Audible as we knit every evening, We have just reheard all the Terry Pratchett books! Even for the third or more repeat we still howl with laughter at his cleverness, add more expressions to our repertoire, and find bits we slept through during previous performances!

  • I am listening to The Covenant of Water….28 hours to go, that’s a lot of knitting!

    • I too am listening to The Covenant of Water, read by the author, Abraham Verghese. Beautiful, lyrical, tragic and funny, and 31 hours is a long knit!

    • I’m about halfway through reading the book. I have to take a break from knitting to heal my wrist, and this has been a good substitute. Cutting for Stone is also excellent!

      • I love Cutting for Stone. I haven’t read his latest book yet.

    • Yes. Another good book from Abraham Verghese.

    • It was a good read!

  • While working yarn, I listen to the delightful Allison Korleski on Interweave’s Fiber Nation: Tales of Textiles, Craft, and Culture, a podcast with “stories from all corners of the yarniverse”.

    • The King Raven Trilogy by Stephen Lawhead was a fascinating take on the Robin Hood legend.

  • I am making my way through the audiobook versions of Louise Penny’s 3 Pines mysteries. There is also an Amazon TV series.

    • Read all of her books, love every one.

  • I enjoy listening to knit podcasts while knitting, particularly some local to my area and also a few designers whose sweaters I’ve knit. Happy Knitting , All.

  • Read anything by Rachel Joyce.

    • Just finished listening to Rachel Joyce’s -The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. This has to be one of my most favorite listen to’s. The story, the narrator. all that you love in an audible book. Since finishing it I’m having a hard time finding another audio book. Any recommendations would be so appreciated. (and love the British accent)

  • Well, I am in a podcast – Skype of Cthulhu – it’s an Actual Play of the Role Playing Game – Call of Cthulhu. So, it is an unfolding narrative of cosmic horror – but mostly silliness. I not only knit to it while listening to older episodes from before when I joined, but if you listen closely to episodes I am in, perhaps you hear the clicking of my needles as I knit while playing.

  • I’m currently listening to Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers as I knit…hilarious!

  • I have a terrible addiction to hiking videos on YouTube. Most favorite: Joey Coconado’s channel My Own Frontier.

    • If you haven’t already… finish up both Ted Lasso & Marvelous Mrs Maisel, they’re both worth it. We’ve also been watching Shrinking & Lincoln Lawyer (have to wait til August for the 2nd half of the second season though). For listening I love The Moth (anytime of year) and for reading I’ve been sucked in by Emily Henry’s tales of relationships of late (excellent beach reads).

    • I really loved looking at everyone’s comments! So many mentioned some of my favorites also and I also got some new suggestions! Right now enjoying watching The Dark Wind based on Hillerman Chee & Longhorn books.

      • Knitting to Midsomer Murders. There is 25 years worth and I wonder how anyone’s left in Midsomer?! Keeps you guessing tho as to who did it!

    • I recently finished watching The Last of Us, and listened to the companion podcast after each episode. Now I am bereft because there are no more episodes. Gotta find something new!

      • I listen to the podcast Haptic and Hue-Tales of Textiles while knitting or spinning. Also watch Fruity Knitting, interviews with knitting designers all over the world. They should talk to Ann & Kay!

        • Yes, Haptic and Hue! Wondered if someonne would mention Jo’s podcast. It’s so good. I’ll have to listen to Fruity Knitting now, too.

  • Now that Ted Lasso is over, I am rewatching. It’s great to knit to the second time around!

  • I am always so appreciative of the recommendations on MDK. You’ve led me to many things I’ve enjoyed. Here are a few recs (and very varied!):
    – podcast, Wiser Than Me by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (especially enamored with Ep 2 Isabel Allende)
    – podcast, The Moth (all of it!)
    – Netflix series, Jury Duty (wild concept for a fake documentary where everyone is an actor except one unsuspecting guy)
    – Apple series, Shrinking

  • I read Make Way for Lucia, years ago. Loved it. How did I miss the post on it by DG (love them!)

    • The Geraldine McEwan, Prunella Scales PBS version, called Mapp and Lucia, is a favourite of mine. Also Audible.

  • The Craft in America series on PBS. I love it and have watched it all the way through several times. It doesn’t feature any knitters – but it is filled with inspiration and amazing makers and artists and crafts!

    • Yes, I knit to Craft in America. I’m so glad that my local PBS station is showing it on Saturdays.

  • Listen to the podcast Normal Gossip. I liked the 1st season best!

  • We Can Do Hard Things podcast!

  • Krista Tippit! On Being. Either the old radio series or the new podcast. Cosmic, in the best sense.

  • BBC’s Desert Island Discs.

  • There’s an author named Sawyer Bennett who writes hockey romance series. On Nook. I don’t know much about hockey but the player details seem pretty authentic. She admitted in an interview that a neighbor is an NHL player and he advises her on the details. Slightly racy if you like to listen to books while knitting but try one and see what you think.

  • The podcast Death, Sex and Money is great listening- really thoughtful interviews!

  • I love the podcast Family Secrets with Dani Shapiro. She wrote that superb page turner of a book, Inheritance

  • Watching James May’s Cars Of The People. Fun for car enthusiasts and his altogether British perspective (especially about American cars) is so entertaining.

  • Enter Ghost by Isabella Hammad. I listened on The narrator is excellent and the storytelling is brilliant.

  • My favorite podcast is This is Love which is a companion to This is Criminal. Phoebe, the shows’ creator and narrator has such a lovely voice and demeanor. Past episodes of This is Love include following a 10 year old through his journey to the Scripps Spelling Bee where he has a blast (even though he’s eliminated early) because he just loves to spell, an interview with a 72 year old Iowa farmer who heard a broadcast from Wimbledon when he was 10 and, as an adult, created a replica on his farm that has been featured in Tennis magazine and many more. Criminal is usually about non violent but extremely interesting criminal activities.

  • The podcast “The Witch Trials of JK Rowling” hosted by Megan Phelps-Roper. Very interesting and not just about Harry Potter.

  • This month, the Tour de France is providing a lot of excellent knitting entertainment for me!

  • Old MASH reruns are the best!

    • So many great suggestions (and enthusiasm for so much murder )…I live within line of sight to the Canadian border and enjoy the BBC podcast “secret life of Canada.” A bit anthropological and historical of our neighbors to the north.

  • The Dutch House audiobook narrated by Tom Hanks. You won’t be disappointed!

  • I listen ro “the Bryan Dean Wright” podcast e Rey weekday fir an unbiased approach to the news. So refreshing!

  • I find audiobooks are great to listen to while knitting. Right now I’m listening to A World of Curiosities by Louise Penny. An old favorite is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. And I’m waiting for Mexican Gothic by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia to become available through my local library.

    • Audiobook: The Hard Parts, by Oksana Masters is so inspiring.

  • Just finished reading The German Wife by Kelly Rimmer. Interesting perspectives on war, prejudice, and love. I listened to it as an audio book. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Ooooh, what fun. Hubbo & rewatched all the Agatha Christie Poirot mysteries with David Suchet, & have now dug in to Miss Marple (Joan Hickson is the best!), & her small bag of knitting. With her small self-effacing titters she solves crimes in her wicked little village. Recipes for Love & Murder, on Acorn, So Africa setting but everyone has a Scottish accent. Finally, audio version of “An Uncommon Reader,” Queen Elizabeth discovers a bookmobile parked by the castle! this is read by the author himself with a hilarious, sissy-ish English accent.

  • Just finished reading The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles and couldn’t put it down! I even let it get in the way of knitting it was that good. The same author wrote The Gentleman from Moscow, also very good.

  • The Tour de France!!

  • Watch: any Studio Ghibli movie. The music is soothing; perfect to knit to

    • I also love Studio Ghibli!!!

    • Thank you all for these suggestions. I recently finished listening to everything Patrick O’Brian wrote-all 20+ Aubrey/Maturin books as well as his earlier novels and short stories so I need something new. I’m sure I’ll find it here.

      • Rewatched all of the Morse Mysteries, the Lewis Mysteries and Endeavour on PBS Passport. That’s a lot of knitting time!

    • Such exquisite recommendations will keep me knitting for all time. I’d love to add “listening” to or reading the wonderful “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” series by Carlos Ruiz Zafron! The first book, “Shadow of the Wind” grabs and hooks you in the first page”

      Fabulous to knit by….. happy listening!

    • Halfway thru the audiobook of An Immense World by Ed Yong- fascinating!

  • Audiobook: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Mythology novel- intriguing!

    • I loved reading this book!!

  • I love to listen to comedians with Ghost Stories on I heart radio hosted by Emily Winter.

  • Halfway through the audiobook of An Immense World by Ed Yong – absolutely fascinating!

  • Reading: Remarkably Bright Creatures

    • Also a great audiobook!

  • I have been knitting to magpie murders and poirot

  • Daisy Jones and the Six, the audiobook first and then the show.

  • I watch tv when knitting and I love old movies, especially Alfred Hitchcock and anything with Cary Grant.

    • I too like to knit while watching old movies by Hitchcock and ones with Cary Grant.

  • It’s Tennis Tournament season. I find that knitting to Wimbledon or soon The US Open Tennis Championships is a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

  • Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein on Audible

  • just finished Lesson in Chemistry, good read

  • I like to knit while whatever I am watching on Britbox is playing. I find something that looks good and binge watch all the episodes. That is followed by a hunt to find what I will watch next. Currently I am watching Dr. Baker Mysteries.

    • Same here—except I am working my way through Father Brown.

  • I just finished listening to Camp Zero. Very unexpected.

    I’ll be coming back to make lists from all these comments. Thank you!

  • I loved the Dangerous Damsels series by India Holton. Highly recommend the audio version. The narrator’s timing is so perfect and the stories themselves are hillarious.

  • For non-fiction adventures-Beyond the Blue Horizon- by B. Fagan

  • All of the Ian Rutledge series by Charles Todd (actually a mother-son writing team). He is a shattered WWI Scotland Yard detective who comes back to the Yard after the war and is brilliant at solving mysteries in the English countryside.

  • Recipe Club podcast, not for the recipes, but for its pure entertainment value. Begin at the start of the season.

  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
    Listen to the show or the podcast from NPR.

  • Going retro – The Ameilia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters read by Barbara Rosenblatt. Any Jane Austen read by Davina Porter. All the Peter Wimseys by Dorothy L. Sayers mostly read by Ian Carmichael. After practicing breathing correctly — Stress reducing for sure!

  • Loved all of the ideas mentioned here by DG and in all of the comments! Lots of ideas for the summer days ahead!

  • Loved reading The Measure by Nikki Erlick

  • Stuff the British Stole, a podcast with Marc Fennell coproduced by the ABC (Australia) and CBC (Canada). History with a dash of mystery, it is in its second season now but make sure to go back and listen to season 1.

    • LOL! I was SO sure I’d have a really unique post when I shared “Stuff the British Stole”… 3 hours after you’d already shared it! Great suggestion Jean! Great minds think alike, eh?

      • So glad you like it too!

  • I love me a good K-Drama! Not Squid Games but A Korean Odyssey or Extraordinary Attorney Woo. I finally learned to knit without watching my needles so I could read subtitles on a show that wasn’t dubbed!

  • Just finished The Devil in the White City audio….interesting and almost finished with my project.

  • I’m currently watching the final three episodes of “Endeavor” (Masterpiece Mystery). Fantastic!

  • Fruity Knitting is a favorite, along with Arne and Carlos. Great to knit by.

  • I’ve been watching The Closet Historian on YouTube. A fashion design school grad who loves vintage (aka 20’s, 30’s but especially 40’s and 50’s fashion), is a maximalist and has a noir vibe. Stunning clothes and makeup.

  • Our Crooked Hearts by Melissa Albert

  • Listening to Stephen King’s Billy Summers with the Libby app through my public library. Poolside knitting at it’s finest!

  • Wow! So many great recommendations on this string; I have a list going! I’ve been listening to podcasts. Voices of Wool with Clara Parks and Kuper Island. Very different for sure.

  • Any of Terry Pratchett’s stories are a delight: listening, reading, watching. Altho, right now I’m into streaming French murder mysteries (and, yes, they do have subtitles, but I almost know enough French to make it work when I’m knitting) — Balthazar on Acorn, Astrid on PBS Passport …

  • I love a good B movie – an oldie but goodie is Tentacles. It is even filled with a star–studded cast – Henry Fonda, John Huston, Shelley Winters, Bo Hopkins. I think I even spotted Jane Fonda in a very small cameo role.

  • I enjoy Arne and Carlos Pajama Gardening. And Sit and Kni for A Bit

  • I just finished watching a documentary on Wham! on Netflix – only one episode, but did this 80’s girl’s heart good. Other choices – the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice – 5 hours of Jane Austen – and Colin Firth – who can blame me, and if I’m needing a bit of fun will watch Nailed It!

  • I love watching old re-runs of Julia Child’s “The French Chef”. What a treasure she was!!!

  • I recommend the deeply engaging series of stories by Peter Grainger involving Detective DC Smith. After listening to all of them this spring and summer, I can’t wait for more.

  • I loved watching The Last Tango in Halifax so much that I watched it 3 times.

  • First Aid Kit has new album that I’m digging, and I love watching British mysteries, so I’ve been having fun with the latest season of Father Brown.

  • Old school mystery novels of the 1930s and beyond: Dorothy Sayers, Michael Innes, Ngaio Marsh, Edmund Crispin. If you like Vera you will love these!

  • Looking forward to hearing Magic Tides/Magic Claims:The Wilmington Years by Ilona Andrews, releasing tomorrow (7/10). I own and enjoyed both short novels set in an alternate North Carolina with magic, but the audio promises to be something special.

  • Recently read The Dictionary of Lost Words…highly recommend!

  • Absolutely loving Seaside Hotel on PBS Passport. So perfect for this time of year.

  • What a list. I am saving this article!! I am listening to Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. I’m plan to buy the real book. I also listened to Tastes Like War. I’ve loved many of the books mentioned and am looking forward to those I haven’t yet read/listened to. Thanks!!!!

  • Anything by Dr. Heather Cox Richardson, podcast, facebook live chats, and books!

  • If I had that much water I would be drowning – and need to be near a WC!
    But recommendations for the win!

    • Midsommer Murders & anything Masterpiece Theater.

  • Knit to the Tour de France!

  • I’ll enter a listen OR watch option to this parade! CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) rebroadcasts a series created by ABC (Australian Briadcasting Corp) called “Stuff the British Stole”. You can opt to watch it as a TV series or listen to it as a podcast. I highly recommend both the “Elgin Marbles” and the “Benin Brinzes” episodes, but every single one I’ve heard so far has been fascinating… riveting… totally worth the effort to find & experience.

    • Oh, I’m such a dummy! I’ve been seeing other recommendations for this, but reading “Stuff” as a verb and “stole” as a shawl (in the context of knitting). Now I get it, and it sounds fascinating. I’m toggling between the Tour and Wimbledon but was gutted when Cav crashed out yesterday. Also second someone’s Seaside Hotel. Absolute favorite.

  • Is that a moth on the bottle? A wool-eating clothes moth? I’m sure it’s not but that thought jumped into my head. I’m watching Money Heist with subtitles on, so TV-knitting (i.e., mindless stockinette or garter only).

  • I like listening to the podcast Crime Junkie. Lots of good suggestions in the comments too!

  • The Good Wife.

  • I have been listening to all the Lois McMasters Bujold books in her Vorkosigan series that I missed when I read the books years ago.

  • I am really enjoying the Apple TV series The Crowded Room.

  • It’s not cheerful, at all, but reading the so worthwhile Women Talking by Miriam Toews. It’s worth experiencing all the feelings it elicits. The need to put it down and think suits my lace knitting perfectly. More cheerfully, the annotated Persuasion, with all the asides as I read the pages of notes, is also perfect knitting reading for me

  • Since it is so hot in Texas, and I want to imagine coolness…I like to watch all the Harry Potter movies so I can vicariously enjoy Scottish weather!

  • I’ve been listening to the audiobooks of Davis Bunn’s Miramar Bay series—great second chance stories set here in California’s Central Coast!

  • “Change your thoughts, change your life” by Wayne dyer audio book….reading it is one thing, but listening to it is an enlightening experience.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (on Netflix). Animated epic, kids save the world, funny, incredibly well-written with wonderful character development. Even if you don’t like anime as a style, you’ll love all the lead characters by the end!! (Three seasons, plus it has a sequel, The Legend of Korra)

  • I’ve been watching on Hulu “Only Murders in the building” with Steve martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. Very intriguing with lots of guest appearances like Nathan Lane, Shirley Mclaine, even Sting.

  • Wait Wait don’t Tell me, fresh air, yep you can tell I’d like to listen to NPR a lot

  • Desert Island Discs podcasts.

  • Tour de France has been great for knitting.

  • Fun viewing for knitting you don’t have to look at –TOUR DE FRANCE!

  • So many good suggestions!! I really enjoy listening to the podcast Cast On with Brenda Dayne.

  • Am loving listening to Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver!

  • I recommend listening to the Outlander books on Audible. The narration is great, complete with pronunciation of all those Gaelic words. And to quote my co-listening husband “they’re at it again”!

  • I’ve booen working on a blanket through Deadloch — very sweary, but in Australian! Hilarious. LOVE the water bottle.

  • I enjoy any of the Ken Burns series on PBS.

  • Settle in for a nice long knit session and listen to author Abraham Verghese read his latest book A Covenant of Water.

  • I have been knitting to Slow Horses but the 2nd season is not out yet.

    • Just into the first 10 minutes of listening to Demon Copperhead.

  • Anything by Yola is a good listen.

  • Smartless podcast.

  • Knit to This: all seasons of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel are streaming now on Prime. I’m rewatching the whole thing again. It’s been so long since the series first started, I’ve forgotten a lot of the details.

  • Anything Kristin Hannah. Good books

  • American scandal podcast. I recently listened to the seasons on Volkswagen and Theranos

  • We just watched Lightheaded: A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind on Amazon Prime. It’s a documentary about a group of devoted GL fans who follow him on tour. It focuses on a tour he did in the UK and Europe a few years ago. It is fun, and nostalgic, and a little sad but the music is wonderful! Great for knitting and remembering.

  • Podcasts for me– BBC History Extra, BBC Sounds Forum (got me through the pandemic WFH), Sisters I Law (1 sister is a knitter), Crime of a Lifetime (true crime goodness), the Naked Scientists.

  • I love the Phoebe Reads A Mystery podcast.

    Phoebe has a lovely voice and reads classics that are out of copyright. From The Moonstone and Dracula to the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot she’s got it all covered.

  • I’m enjoying “Fubar” on Netflix these days. . .along with “The Lincoln Lawyer”. Book series (Lincoln Lawyer) was also a terrific read. . .by Michael Connelly.

  • Loving the audio book of Stephen Rowley’s reading of his work “The Guncle.” I have some sads lurking in my life and this book has been a treat. Very hard not to think of Dan Levy playing the lead in a movie.

    • His new book – The Celebrants – is very good

  • My Octopus Teacher. It won the Oscar for Documentary Feature in 2020, and it’s available on Netflix. Also, it’s why I no longer order octopus when we go out for seafood.

  • All of the Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley are wonderful. Start with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. How can you not love an 11 year old sleuth who loves poisons!?

  • We’re currently re-watching Ted Lasso and are enjoying the new season of Never Have I Ever.

  • Endeavor on PBS! So said 9th season is final and over!

  • I love Scamanda! Such a fascinating and dark story. Very engrossing. It’s July so I love knitting to the Tour de France.

  • I’m a big fan of audiobooks. One of my favorites is the Maisie Dobbs series, by Jacqueline Winspear. While I will also knit while out for drinks with my husband and while watching Netflix, knitting while “ear reading” (a new term I just heard) remains my top choice! Also – I love bees, so I would really love that water bottle!!

  • Listen: Texas Monthly Podcasts: Texas Monthly True Crime (Season One: Tom Brown’s Body, Season Two: Stephenville)

  • I have been listening to Louise Penny murder mysteries. Her audiobooks, at least the first 3 should be listened to in order and are available through my library’s online app, so free!!

  • Watch Take Care of Maya, now streaming on Netflix.

  • I love audiobooks while knitting – currently I’m listening to Stephen King’s newest, Fairy Tale.

  • My evenings are generally spent watching Prime or Netflix… and knitting, of course. Would recommend Deadloch (Prime)- language is a bit rough in places- but character development of this detective series is quite entertaining.

  • I just finished listening to Ari Shapiro’s memoir, The Best Strangers in the World. It was great! Interesting to learn more about his story. I was able to check the audiobook out from my library, another recommendation.

  • I have been listening to a lot of podcasts: Maintenance Phase and The Secrets Hotline are two favorites. Breath was an eye opener for me. I hadn’t thought to look for interviews, so thanks for this!

  • I love watching old movies from the 80s while I knit. Breakfast club, top gun, you get the idea. Thank you for the list!

  • Our new fave is Death in Paradise on PBS. It has a wonderful cast & is rather cute in only the way PBS murder shows can be.

  • I listen to the My Favorite Murder pod cast on iHeart radio. It’s also available on the Wondery and I think it’s also on iTunes. The hosts of it are Georgia Hart and Karen Kilgariff both of whom are very funny women! It’s probably the funniest and irreverent True Crime show of any kind! BUT it’s not for people who hate cussing or who hate true crime. If you like to laugh while you knit this is the show for !

  • Always love the entertainment recommendations from mdk. Am trying to up my gardening game and have been enjoying “growing a greener world “ which you can watch straight from their website.

  • The podcast No Such Thing As A Fish is easy listening and makes me laugh out loud at least once during each episode.

  • Richard Osman’s, “The Thursday Murder Club”, is a wonderful read about four friends in a retirement community who meet on Thursdays to solve mysteries. Their antics made me laugh out loud more than once! A very good read which inspired me to even buy his second book!

  • Just finished reading “The echo of old books” by Barbara Davis. Well honestly it was an audio book so I could knit at the same time. Highly recommend it

  • Rob Lowe, of all people, has a relatively new podcast called ‘Literally’. He is very engaging and has interesting guests, all of whom appear to be close friends!

  • Dan Carlin’s podcast Hardcore History is amazing! If you are a history buff or for even those who just got bored in history class in high school, this will be compelling.

  • Love a good podcast! For educational entertainment, I go to We Have Concerns and No Such Thing As A Fish!

  • Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein! That was a fun read.

  • I finally watched (listened) to the video embedded at the top of this post. Really good, thank you for the excellent share! I’m looking forward to some of his breathing suggestions and seeing the results. In case anyone wants to cut to the chase, Nestor discusses his book, Breath.

  • Reading: Horse by Geraldine Brooks. Love it!

  • I don’t do podcasts as I seem to get distracted or tune them out. (Probably because DH has a bunch on.) For tunes, I ask Alexa to play some 70s or 80s Rock if I want to get things done. And the “Very Best of Jackson Browne” to just relax.

  • I resisted audio books for years, claiming I was strictly a “book person”. How misguided! I have now discovered the joy of having a story play out directly into my ears, while I enjoy knitting or weaving. I love how the narrators make the stories come alive, and can especially recommend anything by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Right now it’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

  • Have y’all read the Red Rising or Lunar Chronicles series’? I love them both so much

  • Astrid—I think the recommendation came from here. I liked it so much, I’m watching all the episodes again.

  • The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese. Stunning book read by the author.

  • Read: Yellowface by RF Kuang and The Wager by David Grann

  • Rhiannon Giddens. Former member of Carolina Chocolate Drops, one of the most versatile, soulful, relevant musicians out there. Catch her live if you can; I listen to her on Tidal.

  • I’d recommend listening to the You’re Dead to Me podcast (proper history, plus jokes) and watching The Gold (the story of the Brinks Mat robbery and the ensuing police investigation) and The Pursuit of Love (brilliant BBC adaptation, with Andrew Scott as Lord Merlin stealing every scene where he features). Also the recent -ish reboot of Van Der Valk.
    Thank you DG- I always look forward to your recommendations.

  • I just finished listening to All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers, the creator of the Crime Junkie and The Deck podcasts.

  • Read The Whalebone Theatre by Joann Quinn. Loved it.

  • I really enjoy the series Clarkson’s Farm. It is unexpectedly refreshing with wonderful humor and amazing scenery and animals. I find it relaxing to knit to, and it makes me smile. Start with Season 1, episode 1 for the basics.

  • Listening to “A CONVENENT OF WATER” by Abraham Verghese [the audio book is read by the author] Highly recommend it while knitting or crocheting.

  • Just starting the final season of Endeavour. Binged the first 8 seasons and got a Ton of Knitting Done!

  • Any book by Terry Pratchett will sweep me away, but then I’m a fantasy fan. You might enjoy “Monstrous Regiment” or “The Wee Free Men” as an opener into the Discworld.

  • I’m watching the 2018 Mary Queen if Scotts movie while finishing a top down summer sweater….

  • Haptic and Hue podcast. Any one of the fabulous episodes.

  • Love a water bottle! I’ve just started listening to Louise Penny’s novels as I knit — or mostly — quilt. I resisted because I’m not a murder mystery fan but I’m enchanted.

  • Golf. I don’t really follow golf but it is great for knitting. You never miss a thing with so many replays and the commentary.

  • Hello Beautiful is a great book. And just about anything on PBS!

  • Watching Foundation and knitting.

  • I like listening to murder mysteries on true crime shows when I knit.

  • Watching–Anything on PBS
    Reading–Anything and everything. Right now I’m reading a book on the development of architecture in America.
    Listening–The Band

  • Love to Sew is a favorite podcast. Helen and Caroline have so much fun together giving tips, answering questions, and doing deep dives into Sewing.

  • Vienna Blood, Masterpiece Theater

  • Love anything PBS. For specifically knitting then Fruity Knitting is the best!! THANKS!!

  • I love Jason Reynolds books, but really love listening to him-

  • The Great American Recioe show!!

  • Great book: Strangers to Ourselves by Rachel Aviv

  • DCI Banks on BritBox

  • I have a subscription to audible and even though I get a free book with my subscription each month I’ve been working my way through the Plus catalog with all kinds of free books. Finding some new authors I like.

  • Yellowstone, now on Peacock.

  • Comedians is Cars with Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld …. you can knit and listen

  • I listen to NPR pretty much all day long.

  • I’m loving “unraveling” by Peggy Orenstein. She touched all bases!

  • I just finished Murder in Sweden and am now watching The Wall. I’m knitting the Papa sweater and using duplicate stitch for the colorwork, which is tough with subtitles, but I’m also knitting a scarf that I don’t have to look at, which is better when I have to read and knit at the same time.

  • I listened to the entire Joe Pickett series by CJ Box (he’s a fish and wildlife agent in Wyoming) which I hated to see end but I found William Kent Krueger’s Cork Cocoran (former sheriff in a northern MN town) series which is read by the same guy (David Chandler). My life would be missing something without audiobooks. TV: I’m watching Suits. And Lincoln Lawyer. Shrinking was wonderful.

  • The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict. I’ve just started this book and I’m already hooked. Lol no pun intended

  • I listen to the Hidden Brain podcast. If you listen to NPR on a routine basis, you’ll recognize the host Shankar Vedantam (he has a distinctive voice and speaking style). It is all about the latest weird news in social science, sometimes doing a multi episode deep dive into a subject that the host finds especially interesting.

    I have also listened to the Murderbot series by Martha Wells. Science fiction that is funny, exciting, and touching, often simultaneously. Do not listen to this if you dislike hearing four letter words — some characters spew them constantly.

  • I’ve been watching Only Murders in the Building lately…

  • I just became a member of Amazon Prime books! So many to choose from!

  • Freakonomics podcast. Episode 511 Why did you marry that person?

  • I’m watching The Bear on Hulu and I loved the book A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza.

  • The Lost Girls on Netflix

  • Catching up on the last season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, such a great show! I’m just at the beginning of the season but really enjoyed it all!

  • Demon Copperhead, by Barbara Kingsolver. Tough, yet rewarding read.

  • My lists on Spotify. Easy background listening.

  • In the ongoing education about longevity and living a healthy life, I am now reading Built to Move – The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully by Kelly Starrett.

  • In my ongoing effort to live a healthy life, I am currently reading Built to Move – The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully by Kelly and Juliet Starrett. Mobility is going to be another pillar for longevity.

  • Ologies podcast!

  • Listened to Clutterbug podcast #181. AMAZING!! My favorite bit: we say we don’t want to get rid of our extra stuff because ‘it’s still good! Why would we do that?’ Because!! It’s not good FOR US!! Great great show.

  • Around here it’s All Celtic most of the time, but if I’m at all prickly, Bach’s Brandenburg concerti and most other Baroque music smooth me right out. We stream on Pandora and Sirius, and for the Celtic, also WFUV radio.

  • Can’t wait to enjoy these suggestions.

  • Astrid

  • Knitting to audiobooks lately. Faves have been Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell, Greta & Valdin by Rebecca Reilly, and I just finished Lessons In Chemistry! So good.

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