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Dear Everybody,

We’ve been sitting on this secret for so long.

We started sitting on it in Nashville, in the heat and humidity of midsummer.

We kept sitting on it in New York, in the deep freeze of winter.

We’re tired of sitting on it! It’s time to hatch this secret!

But First: A Few Facts About the Designer of MDK Field Guide No. 10

She has inimitable style that inspires knitters all over the world.

She is the leader of the most devoted band of test-knitters we know.

She is the designer of the March Mayhem 2018 Champion pattern, the Humulus pullover.

She is the pride of her small town in Germany.

She is the one and only . . .

Isabell Kraemer!

Now you understand why we were so excited.

Field Guide No. 10 launches a week from tomorrow, on Friday, March 8. We have tremendous plans for fun with this very special Field Guide. We can’t wait to share the theme, the yarns, the whole megillah.

It’s especially fitting that we will be launching a Field Guide full of Isabell Kraemer’s designs at the same time as we enter into our annual wild and wacky pseudo-sporting competition known as MDK March Mayhem, the Tournament of Knitting Patterns. Isabell took the crown last year with her chic, wearable pullover, Humulus.

While we peruse this year’s bracket of 64 MDK March Mayhem patterns, dreaming and voting for our favorites, we can also be scheming up our cast-on plans for Isabell’s designs in Field Guide No. 10.

It’s going to be so fun.

If you are just now hearing the name Isabell Kraemer for the first time, you have an excellent adventure, and a lot of stylish sweater-ogling, ahead of you.

If you’re already an Isabell Kraemer fan, settle in and wait for the fun to begin next week.


Ann and Kay


  • Perfect designer at the perfect time for Field Guide #10

  • Yes! I love her designs! Field Guide #10 is going to be a huge hit. Can’t wait – can we pre-order it or something?

    • Hope there will be a digital version. With shipping and customs and exchange fir the hard copy they end up costing twice as much when you live in Canada.

    • We will ship the print copies as fast as we can. We hope it will almost seem like a preorder!

      Also, with each print copy ordered from us, comes an instant download, to make it easier to wait for the print copy.

      • One of my favorite designer and got to meet her in person VogueKnitting in San Francisco

  • Can’t wait!! I’m about 2/3 finished with her wrap-a girl’s best friend and loving it!

  • Hurrah! Can’t wait for Field Guide #10!!!

  • Looking forward to this! I have so many of her designs bookmarked in Ravelry because of their elegant simplicity and drape. It’s time to make something!

  • Woohoo! I’m in!

  • Have knit four Isabell Kramer designs, eying a fifth and love them all. Beautifully designed, interesting construction, well written. Can’t wait to see #10. Thank you!

  • I finished her wrap a girl shawl. What a great pattern. Love her designs

  • This is amazing! I cannot wait. Sweater time!

  • Yay! Such a great choice!

  • I’m impressed that you know how to spell Megillah. (Autospell just capitalized it. I bow to autospell. Sometimes.). I adore Isabel. Looking forward to seeing the sweaters, although only knitting small projects these days. So maybe for later:-).

  • Sorry. Isabell with 2 l’s. I knew it didn’t look right. (If you “adore” someone you should spell their name right. It doesn’t look sincere otherwise.)

  • Squee!

  • I’m needing this one!

  • Such a fan!!!!! The first sweater I ever dared to make was one of hers (and it was a success and I still love wearing it). I’m currently about 60% through Girls Best Friend wrap, and have so many designs by her in my endless queue. Gaaaah… now there will be more, from the Field Guide!

  • Very excited! Although I’m still on the yoke of my #bangoutarevolution sweater, I am eagerly awaiting next Friday!

  • Almost there…is the best fitting sweater i’ve ever made. I also learned sone new tricks. I’m ALL in with Guide 10.

  • So excited! I have Cardigan Fever, but Humulus and a few others by Isabell are in my queue. Can’t wait to see Field Guide #10!

  • Excellent choice! I am today – for the very first time – wearing my Berlin Knits Sweater. I think it’s a keeper. I love her patterns: am currently planning a Chauncey… Can’t wait for Field Guide No 10!

  • Omg!!! Before I saw the name, I was so hoping it was Isabell Kraemer!!!! Her designs are a joy to work!!!

  • Definitely one of my favorite designers. I’m looking forward to this Field Guide

  • So excited! Love her and almost always have one of her patterns on the needles.

  • She is my favorite designer and I cannot wait to see this latest field guide !

  • Totally psyched! I’m relatively new to knitting, & MDK. I got your Field Guide 9 for the BangOut. I started on a Humulus almost a year ago, but then decided I didn’t like my yarn choice. How serendipitous is this? Can’t wait to see Field Guide 10!

  • Wonderful news! I have bought or favorited so many of her designs on ravelry. I am counting the days!!

  • OMG!!! This is sooooooo exciting…can hardly wait

  • So excited! I love her patterns – have many pinned and saved in my favorites file. Can’t wait to see the new Field Guide.

  • With 5 sweaters on the needles, I could not let myself start a new one for Bang out a sweater. So I restarted my Humulus! I was stuck on row 21 of the chart.

    I have the body finished and the first sleeve at 3 “ . Not making the EOM deadline, but progress on a beautiful sweater!

  • Pre-order NOW please?!

    • We will ship the print copies as fast as we can. We hope it will almost seem like a preorder! Also, with each print copy comes an instant download, to satisfy curiosity and kick-start the dreaming-of-cast-on process.

  • Great choice!

  • So excited! I admire her designs so much! #10 will be a must have!

  • Eek! I love her designs! Exciting indeed.

  • About to start sleeve number 2 on her Mailin. Wouldn’t it be something if I could finish by next week?

    • Go go go!

  • OH, what excitement! a fellow German as a featured designer! I truly can not wait. I only have two of the little books and look forward to built my library.

  • Where can I get it?

    • We’ll have it for sale here on MDK next Friday, March 8, and so will lots of local yarn shops, and Ravelry.

  • I love Isabell’s designs! I think I’ve only knit one, but I’ve got a whole bunch favorited! Can’t wait for this Field Guide!

  • Hi Ladies,
    Can you pre-order Field Guide 10?

    • No but we will ship them as fast as we can starting next Friday, and each print copy order comes with an instant download so you can see the whole Field Guide right away.

  • In light of the ongoing conversation in the fibre arts community regarding diversity, would you consider focusing on some of the many gifted designers who are people of colour in your field guides?

    • I came here to make the same suggestion. I love Isabell Kraemer, someone with a huge international audience. The MDK Field Guide series, however, would be a great tool for increasing the exposure of POC (people of color) designers who aren’t already on our radar!

    • Of course!

  • Congratulations, she’s a talent to be sure

  • Sounds great

  • Ooooooooohhhhhhh! I am soooo excited. I made one of her sweaters last winter and am currently knitting her Santa Fe Shrug. Yay!

  • Yay! I love her!

  • that’s exciting!!!!! can’t wait to see!

  • I recently finished my first project of her designs – the Santa Fe shrug – and I love it! I’m living in it these days in SoCal, wearing it over everything from turtlenecks to tee shirts since the weather’s a bit schitzo these days.
    Can’t wait to see what she has waiting for us in the new field guide. Bring it on!!

  • Love, love, love her designs! Just the type of sweater I love to knit and wear!!

  • Can I get it in Germany??? I love her patterns.

  • Excellent choice! She is wonderful, can’t wait to see it!

  • Now I’m so excited to get the new field guide

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