First Knitter: Setesdal Hat

March 17, 2023

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  • I love it! Especially the embroidery!

    • Thanks, Gina!

  • Thank you, Nell! Saved and added to my (very, very lengthy) list for the next cast on. The hints of yellow added cross-stitches are perfection 🙂

    • ☀️
      Thanks Jenn!

    • Love the two color hats. And I really love the addition of the cross stitches. It’s amazing what that little bit of gold does!

      • My thoughts exactly.

  • Inspirational!! I like the idea of exploring the bones of the pattern.

    • xo ML. Always explore the bones…

  • I started this hat 3 times but I really didn’t like the ribbing, did you use the pattern ribbing or one by one, two by two???

  • Thank you for giving permission to make A pattern your own!

  • Very clever! Love checking out your work and ideas to make a pattern your own!

  • Completely fascinating to see this as a two color creation! AND I agree with so many people here that the gold embroidery makes it sing. What fun you are, Nell! Thank you for this.

  • I’m planning to make a 2 (or 3) color hat for my hubby, now that I’ve finished two in the five colors. Plenty of leftover yarn, and I LOVE Nell’s addition of the little crosses. I added some duplicate stitch (first time ever) to my first Setasdal hat, adding color E to the center of the crosses at the top of the chart, and I really like how it came out. But I also like the way you made the little ‘x’s and tied each one off on the inside. Your hat and notes are inspirational – thank you so much, Nell!