The Many Moods of Kos Neckwarmer

By Kay Gardiner
March 16, 2023
Join the Great Dickie-along, now in progress. We're having a big time with Arne & Carlos's fast, fun Kos Neckwarmer.

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  • I see an entire wardrobe of these dickies in my future. They will be in the north Florida sweater drawer.

    • I mean why wouldn’t you want to take part in a Dickie Along? The title alone makes me smile. “I’m in a Dickie Along” “I’m doing a Dickie Along” Pure joy & laughter

  • I love the colors in your Kos. Good work MDK team!

  • I saw first hand early in my knitting life how fast someone could knit a stranded pattern. She was going lickety-split around a sweater all the while talking away as if her fingers were just petting a cat, It looked like a magic trick. It wasn’t until much later that I realized she had probably memorized the repetition.

  • Beautiful.

  • I totally agree that patterns work up faster than garter or stockinette patterns! AND I find myself making more mistakes (you know those tricky regular decrease/increase instructions!) when there’s no pattern.

    • Yes, it’s self-correcting! I really need that in my life.

  • Yup. Stockinette drags on and on, but colorwork knits fast! The “just one more round” song becomes a motivating ear worm that can’t be denied. So much fun!

  • Not generally a fan of dickies, but definitely a believer that more is more. Year of the Tiger!! Wowza. How have I missed this?

  • Oh Hoolah. Off to dickie ville we willingly go.

  • The Kos didn’t do anything for me, but that Jaeger made me sit up & take notice! I really like the shape with the colorwork, & I appreciate the free pattern inclusion