Rosy Mittens: Game On!

By Ann Shayne
February 28, 2023

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  • That Rosy Dawn pair you’ve got is a treat! Eliminating (or at least reducing) the value contrast makes it all about the COLOR, which to me is the important point of stranded. (Besides the warmth, that is.) But I find this can complicate finding yarns that work for me, because my hopes doesn’t always match the yarn-makers’ palettes. And I make things harder by trying for at least 3 hues.

  • LOVE your subtle color choices—rose and saffron! They’ll be gorgeous as mittens.

  • Okay, I feel like I’m new to the game of knitting even though I’ve been knitting for years. I’ve always struggled with pairing colors. My inclination is to pair similar color values (unknowingly) and then the combo looks like mud. TAKE A B&W PHOTO! The values are obvious, and with a camera in every phone it’s easy peasy. I think I’m ready to jump into colorwork again.

  • Is that a Blue Willis sweater? The mitts are gorgeous against the blue!

  • Um, this is maybe a totally mean comment – and by mean, I mean that I hope you will take my suggestion, which I think would actually be a fair amount of work, and do it, so the rest of us can enjoy it without having to actually knit it ourselves – but I think you should use the blue and/or black to duplicate stitch the original large (back of hand/showoff) motif.

    It’s like, meta. Like a super mashup of the already super mashup of knitting colorwork + duplicate stitch.

  • I have finished the hat and am also eager to start on the mittens. I have never made mittens, but have been thinking I would like to make some for a while. I think I will stick with the red and white for stranding, but may change up the colors for duplicate stitch. Until now I never used the colors suggested by the designers, but am really enjoying the colors Arne and Carlos used on the hat. I’m eager to see how your pink and gold combination comes out too.