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  • Regarding your idea of a one color Destination Pullover with contrasting pocket linings: What if you did the cast ons of sleeves and body and neck bind off in the same–or different–conrtasting color as the pocket linings? Little touches of color!

    • How many skeins do I need for the sweater?

      • I found it!

    • The idea of the destination pullover (trui) is the shifting of colour and the painterly joy of it plus the comfort

  • Hi y’all
    How much is shipping to canada (L9H5J7) for several skeins?

    • Hi, Sandi – shipping info for Canada and the UK is right here. It’s a flat rate depending on your merchandise total – either $20 or $35 – and that would be via USPS First Class International, so would take 14-30 days.

    • I order directly from Iceland and the weight and volume determines the cost of shipping. It is tweakable. If I need a large volume I get it shipped via DHL and if the volume is less it goes regular mail. I get it within two weeks.

  • I get more compliments on my Daytripper than any other sweater I have ever made. And I have made a few!

  • I love wearing my Daytripper, which is more than can be said of many of the sweaters that I have made. It is really lightweight and very warm. I would say the biggest challenge was deciding on colors and consequently spent a great deal of time with my colored pencils playing with different options. I was very pleased with how the colors worked out but still kept playing with color options and ended up making another one in a completely different set of colors. Tempted to do a third…

    • Same! I’ve made three for myself and one for my mother, and I have the yarn to start a fifth. This is one addictive pattern!

  • As I apparently live under a rock, I have never seen or touched Lettlopi live! Is it next to skin soft or itchy? Best for outer wear?

    • The feel of yarn is definitely subjective, so your mileage may vary. I find it rustic, lofty, and light to wear–with a layer underneath it. It’s not merino, for sure. But that rustic texture is what gives it character! ; )

  • The Destination Pullover has been perfect when Texas has its cold-to-us weather. I think it’s the gauge. Planning to make a Daytripper when I decide on the colors!

  • Have been undecided about this particular Field Guide, not sure why…Destination Pullover high in the queue, I love the Gems 😀

  • I adore my Daytripper (and still need to make a Stopover!)

  • I still have to wear my Daytripper. I really do love the feel and loft of Icelandic wool. I have the #17 field guide and more yarn to do a destination pullover too plus mittens to match (smile)

  • I made the Daytripper in Léttlopi and it’s the sweater I am most proud of. It’s beautiful and maybe a bit challenging. I find it maybe just a bit itchy. I might try another soak. I also made the mittens from the same pattern book and had to give them all away. Everyone wanted them. Warm and lightweight yarn that knits up fast

  • That reminds me – I have leftover skeins …

  • How does one determine the number of skeins without knowing the pattern (destination pullover for example) until after the purchase?

    • You can look up the pattern on Ravelry and the amounts per size are listed. I would need 13 skeins for my size (4 in each of two colors and five of a third color).

      • Wow! I placed an order Wednesday and it was shipped the same day! It should arrive today. You guys rock !

      • Thank you!

  • Do you think that white will be back in stock soon?

  • I want to order some Léttlopi for a Daytripper, but I’m debating colors. What was the color combination in Ann’s original cardi, featured here: https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/2022/01/18/prepare-ye-bang-out/#comments?

  • Hello. On 01/12/2023 I purchased eight (8) skeins of Léttlopi yarn. Is it possible to receive a free PDF download of MDK Field Guide No 17: Lopi? Please advise. Many thanks, Patricia Maraia