Knit to This: Everything Is Alive

January 7, 2023

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  • I stumbled across these early in the pandemic, which is why people saw me laughing out loud on long walks through the neighborhood. Time to check in again!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed, thanks for the tip!

  • I adore Maeve Higgins!

  • I will follow any recommendation of yours Cristina! Thank you.

  • I remember hearing this previewed on another podcast! I feel like silverware was being interviewed? I’ll have to check back. Thanks, ❤️Popcorn

  • Amazed I haven’t started these yet, I totally believe my objects are talking to me.

    • Oh, I needed this today. Not sure I’m going to be able to do the dishes with a straight face now, but maybe that’s not a problem, know what I’m saying?

      Cheers, all!

  • I have missed this -off to subscribe! Thanks.

  • OMG-thanks for the intro to this podcast!!

  • I will never drink a can of soda again without thinking of the first interview – Brilliant!! Thank you for the recommendation ❤️

  • Just heard the first epi – it’s FAN-tasting! I truly laughed out loud a few times. Thank you!

  • This is brilliant! My new walking companion. THANK YOU for the recommendation.

  • You suggest programs to knit with but not where to find them.

    • It’s an audio podcast. Find it “wherever you get your podcasts,” as they say.

  • Thanks for sharing! Loved Maeve Higgins’ article and going to check out the podcast!

  • Will have to listen to this. Reminds me of a song by the Chenille Sisters sung from the point of view of a can of tuna, watching a couple fight, until the tuna finally becomes part of a comfort food casserole.

  • I loved how the lamppost thought the star of Singin’ in the Rain was the lamppost.