32 Favorite Cookie Recipes from MDK Readers

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
December 30, 2022
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  • Just when I thought I couldn’t eat another cookie! I see some new to me recipes here that I have to try today.

  • That 411 Shortbread recipe is my go-to ‘bring something to the gathering’ cookie now. Never met anyone who doesn’t rave over it. I sometimes add cocoa nibs, or finely diced crystallized ginger if I’m feeling really fancy.

    • Subbing 1/4 to 1/2 c of the flour for matcha powder turns these into amazing green tea sweets. I also have used all whole wheat pastry flour and 1/2 and 1/2 white and brown sugars.

  • Due to unforeseeable circumstances in my family, I was not able to do my holiday baking this year. I always make about 5 or 6 different cookies and give them out to neighbors and friends. Two of them being Russian tea cakes and peanut butter blossoms. I may have to make some after Christmas cookies.

  • When does the first 2023 issue arrive? Can’t wait!

    • Subscriber copies of Field Guide No. 23 will ship in a few short weeks! Official launch is February.

  • So if I test out one a week or so, I’ll have narrowed it down to the ones I want to repeat for Holidays 2023!

    • That’s the spirit! You can do it!

  • So fun to read through this list — there’s the cookies I make, the ones my sister served us last night, the ones we had at my daughter’s mother-in-law’s house.

  • Bookmarked the cookie recipe treasury. Exploring it is a resolution I can keep!

  • Oh, sweet heaven!
    Just days ago, I walked into my Aunt’s house and saw a beautiful treat table with aunt-and-cousin-made caramel corn, airy peanut brittle, English toffee, almond cookies, cranberry cookies, spiced cranberry cake (oh, that orange zest! Lovely!), chocolate-dipped/peppermint crunched Oreos, and several other sweets that I didn’t have the focus/fortitude to taste after some delicious tamales.
    I thought “I won’t need to bake a darned thing until February or March!”
    But now there are 32 new recipes that are piquing my interest!
    You are a lovely team, MDK.
    Thank you!

  • Oh yum! Cookie baking never happened this Christmas. So maybe a little delicious joy every week testing these recipes. Thank you so much for all of these!

  • If I can add to this cookie treasure trove, there’s another Dorie Greenspan cookie that I love:

    Hope someone tries it and falls in love with it like I have.