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  • Question about the cyanotype fabric: Does anyone know if sunlight through a window works? Or how about “full spectrum” light bulbs? Or does it need to be unfiltered outdoor sunlight? Thanks!

    • I was wondering that too, and if the low angled light of winter is ok. That at least I can test myself, if the sun ever shows up again around here….

    • What a great question. I have an old full sectrum bulb from 25 years ago in design school, expensive for it’s life expectancy, 2 hours, and was wondering what to do with it. This may be it! I can experiment, at least.

    • Expect longer exposure times if you’re relying on light bulbs for your source, but indoor direct light is how I exposed my fabric squares.

      • Good to know, Cristina! I was wondering about this too.

  • I am waiting for spring to use my cyanotype fabric but am enjoying my walks even more as I look at the leaves and think about what I want to do.

  • Cheering for Team Alabama Chanin! I chose the Peacock color, finished the swatch/sampler and charged on to the scarf. It’s totally addictive, a perfect portable travel project and a change up from too much knitting for these arthritic hands. (Never thought I’d be writing about too much knitting!)

  • I have the Baby Blue, but dyeing a white one…Oh my! I think that may need to happen too.

  • I do love my Bento Bag!!!!!!! Just my two cents!