Ask Patty: Jogless Latvian Braid

December 5, 2022

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  • Brilliant…again!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • You are SO good!! Awesome.

  • How did you know? Just recently I had been contemplating a Latvian braid on a Christmas project. Now I can do it! (Bought your book).

  • It’s like a magic mirror! So very clever. Sincerely love your bag of tricks!

  • when you slip the sts from left to right needle and knit into the st below, don’t you have a big float?

    • I’m not sure what step you are referring to (did you take a look at the pictures? There’s also a video).

      There are no steps that quite do what you are describing. Do you mean this step:

      Step 2: Move MC to the back, wrapping around the slipped stitch.

      Step 3: Slip that stitch back to LH needle, slip marker back, slip last worked stitch back. Move MC back to front.

      Do you notice in step 2 it mentions this wraps the yarn around the slipped stitch. This is on purpose to mimic the braid.

      • I took one look at the header of this article & I’ll admit, I felt like “Ah geez here we go with another technique I don’t care about/will never try.”

        Dear Patty,

        Your skills are so outrageously helpful that I am now, in all probability, going to try a dang Latvian braid! You had me at “…just purling.” Plus extra Bad Girl points for intentionally twisted stitches. You’re kinda genius, has anyone mentioned?


        • Oh you gotta try it. It’s one of those stupid simple / looks super fancy knitting things. The only thing that bums people out is that it doesn’t connect.

  • Best advice ever…DON’T POINT IT OUT!

  • Brilliant!

  • I will never knit one of those braids, but it’s amazing how you did that.
    You are amazing.

  • Patty, I do not believe you really want “joyless” questions. You thrive on them! Thanks for your contribution to our craft.

    • Not JOYless, JOGless. ❤️❤️

  • Wow. Just wow.

  • Thank you, thank you! Now if you could just find a trick to add 10 hours of knit time to each day, I would be able to finish the project that needs to be finished before I can start the one with the Latvian braid!! Love it, Patty.

  • What I do to solve the end of one round and the changing of color ….
    Put a marker at the end of the round. When you change colors… the last row of color A slip the last stitch. Change to color B. On the last row of color B slip the stitch after the marker

  • Patty, I love your suggestions and love your book even more. In the short time I have had it, it has more than paid for its cost in reinforcing ways that I knit and for techniques that I have forgotten. Thank you so much!

  • YOU…ARE…AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • Definitely a column to save! Thank you Patty!

  • A perfect Latvian braid!! The trick is in the “trick”

  • Breathtaking.
    I sometimes think, “Can she pull this one out of the hat (er, bag)?”
    And ta da, you did it once again. This is a fabulous, clever, genius join.
    Many thanks.

  • Patty, you mentioned a similar strategy that you used for stranded knitting. Did you write a column on that topic?