Ask Patty: One More Jogless Join

May 10, 2021

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  • Brilliant!

  • This is why I always refer to you as the genius knitologist. That’s what you are!

  • Awesome Patty!

    • Inventive!. I just don’t care enough about the little jog to go to all that trouble.

  • I so admire your brain!! Thank you.

  • Looking at your swatch made me wonder if you could use helix knitting with two strands of the same color and then the contrast color as your third strand. That way you are working a three row stripe sort of… two rows will be the same color.

  • Why aren’t you in the White House working on World Peace??

    • Some minds never cease to amaze me. Brilliant!

  • WOW!

    • All knitters bow to you!!

  • You are a genius!! Never fails to amaze me. My feeble brain could never work this out!!! Thank you!!

  • Hi Patty,
    Your article came at just the right moment for me. I am making Isabell Kraemer’s Aldous, ( as a gift), and the jog in the one-colour Latvian braid edging just before the sleeve cuff looks just horrible! I wonder if your work on jogless stripes applies to this situation?

  • You can use helix knitting with two colors, though. Elica Diamantifera, a sock pattern (ravelry link:, does in order to have jogless single-color stripes. It doesn’t solve the problem you so cleverly solved here, but it does with two two colors of single-round stripes.

    • if you knit, you need to know Patty! This is so elegant I have go knit some circular stripes!

  • Ooh, exciting!

  • This is amazing and quite timely for me!

  • I used this technique and could not really see where I had joined the yarn, BUT I still had a jog at the BOR! Someone suggested slipping the first st on the next main color round, but instead I did one round in the MC and then worked as follows:

    On stitch #1 of the 2nd rnd of MC:
    Lift CC st from rnd below onto lefthand needle in front of MC st on needle. Knit these 2 sts tog with MC.

    No jog.

  • I’ve tried this as written – it is great! – and I’ve also tried it without cutting my yarn or doing the “crossover” bit. It seems to have worked, but please test that on a swatch. I’m no Patty Lyons!

    (The reason I wanted to carry my yarn is that I’m doing a two-colour stranded Norwegian design that has occasional single-row stripes.)

    • Opp, it didn’t work so well without crossing the yarn tails. There was no jog, but the stitch ended up a little wonky. I am no Patty!

      Weaving in a few extra ends is worth it for the lovely smooth result.