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  • One of my favorite knits, on the NETFLIX knitting scale I give it a 10. I used 2 contrasting colors of Freia and loved the results. It seems to coordinate with everything.
    Currently pondering if the Freia would work with mohair for an Albers Shawl.

    • Oh I like that idea! It would be off the chart as far as softness and warmth, besides being beautiful!

    • Oh wow, Lucy, that’s such a cool idea. Would you do the rectangles in mohair or Ombre Merino Lace? It would be gorgeous either way!

  • I’ve been working on the Marlogram scarf/cowl for a few weeks. Don’t have a lot of time to devote to it, but the anticipation of color change keeps me going. I think it will be wonderful when it’s done. I chose Woodsman and Starfish and they seem to play nicely together.

  • Would like pattern for this scarf

  • I adore the Marlogram— I’ve been wearing my cowl with Chinook + Pt Reyes all fall, and my mother has been doing the same with the 3-strand version I made for her
    (in Orchid, Damask, and Lucas; the last two colors I got directly from Freia Fibers).

    Aside from socks, it’s the only pattern I’ve knit more than once.

  • Just wanted to put in a suggestion for my “knitting” community to read
    Michelle Obama’s new book treasure,,,,, Chapter One is a gem!!!!!!!!
    Please share