Gossamer: Finished

By Ann Shayne
November 22, 2022

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  • That is a glorious garment! Will it have buttons? Or maybe it does and I just don’t see them?

    • Hi Anne! I skipped the buttons and buttonholes, but it would be easy enough to make this with them. I was happy not to have to keep track of rows for the buttonholes, such an easy knit.

  • Ann, I think you out-Jojied Joji! Beautiful!

  • What a beautiful piece to have on hand for this chilly weather.

    • I’m finding it fun to wear all sorts of ways–all spread out like a ruana, bunched up like a cowl, loose like a scarf, and around my shoulders as a wrap. Really fun.

  • It’s gorgeously ethereal! I am in awe you made it so fast. I was inspired to start a scarf but now I’m discouraged at how fiddly knitting with this yarn is. Any tips?

    • Hi Sarah! I know what you mean about this being a different sort of yarn from a chubby worsted wool. I guess my only suggestion is to start slowly, and take your time at first, get used to the way the yarn behaves. Sometimes I give a little tug on the stitches on the left needle to get them to open up before I knit a stitch. And I definitely check periodically for a dropped stitch, which happens occasionally and sits down there patiently waiting for you to find it. It doesn’t unravel at all, given the floofy nature of the fibers. But I do stop to catch them with a small crochet hook and work the ladder of stitches back up to secure the runaway.

  • How great that you envisioned a very particular result…and GOT IT! That’s a beautiful knit in every way 🙂

  • Beautiful choice of color! Beautiful choice for you! Isn’t it amazing how Two sticks and a thread can create something so magnificent.

  • So imaginative….and just beautiful!

  • Love the color -and the light through it.

  • I’ve only worn mohair once back in the 60s as a pullover and tailored shirt but it itches so badly I’ve never tried mohair again. Is the mohair of today not as itchy as it used to be? You project looks so ethereal and lovely!

    • This is a very soft yarn, for me, but it might not be for you. You can read all about this blend of mohair and silk at the Rowan website. It’s mohair from a baby Angora goat, so it’s the softest of mohair.

  • So beautiful! Inspiring

  • How many skeins did you use? Have an itch to make this!

    • Hi Lisa! I made the ninth size, used 4+ skeins, which is less than half the amount called for in the pattern, where the Kidsilk Haze is doubled.

  • Ann! Your Gossamer is Beautiful!!!! I just finished mine and am so happy I made it. Will get a lot of use this winter.

  • That is truly lovely! I have one color block suri scarf I love for the same reasons! ❤️

  • Ann, your Gossamer is lovely! I really like how you modified the pattern to suit your specific needs and desires; and, your color choice is gorgeous. Wishing you a lot of enjoyment wearing your ethereal Gossamer!

  • Very beautiful!

  • Dear Ann, your writing and your Gossamer(s) make me smile. Thankyou.

  • So you made this one without holding the yarn double?

    • That’s right, she held the yarn single for even more floatatiousness.

      • Did she still use Kidsilk Haze?

  • AMAZING and the color you used is stunning

  • oh yes. YES!!!!!!!!! Oh my gossamer! you’ve done it again, miss!

  • Beautiful!!The teal was a good color choice.

  • How long does it take to make the stockinette?

  • Love what you’ve done – it’s inspirational! Can you show a picture of how it looks from the front worn as a ruana?