Two Roads Diverge from Knitting

By Kay Gardiner
November 17, 2022

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  • I ordered both of these items the first morning they were available.

    The Cyanotype Fabric for our niece and nephew. They are young (age 4 and 2). This seemed like an easy and engaging creative experience. It might just be magic.

    The scarf is for me–some meditative, relaxing post-holiday stitching. Much as I admire Kay’s jacket, I am starting the New Year with a realistic intention of finishing a scarf.

    • You will be amazed at how fast it goes!

  • My sister was a photographer and worked with cyanotype a lot, it has always fascinated me. I may need to play with those, even though just last night, when someone offered me some modeling clay, I said “I don’t really need another craft.”…

  • I bought 4 packets of the Cyanotype fabric. I plan to give 3 for holiday presents and then offer to make something for each recipient out of their creation. I plan to use mine with my granddaughter— she will love the magic!!

  • Princeton Architectural Press has beautiful Anna Atkins notecards. Of course you don’t get the thrill of making them yourself.

  • Seems like you could combine the two somehow! Maybe some white stitching around the images…

    • Great idea!

  • The stitching looks so beautiful. Unfortunately this type of activity doesn’t give me joy. So I must pass

  • It’s funny. Most crafts – except for knitting – don’t give me that much joy even though I sewed many of my own clothes for years. Loved the clothes. Not the sewing, particularly. But with a grandchild…maybe that cyanotype might jump into my cart. Will have to confer with her mother. Chloe

  • I ordered 2 of the Cyanotype fabric kits.One will be for me that I plan to use with my 4 year old grandson. Another for a gift to my granddaughter who knits and crochets and other fiber crafts. She loves things that are different so I’m interested to see what kind of objects she might use on the fabric. And I ordered Thursday morning and tracking shows it will arrive today! Such fast service. I also renewed my Field Guides for next year . I enjoyed them this year , a nice little surprise throughout the year.

  • I ordered the scarf kit as soon as I saw it in the look book. Too early, it turns out, for the pdf instructions to be included. Could you please. Send them. Thanks MDK friends.