I Made It with Atlas: Louise Cardigan

October 31, 2022

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  • It looks fantastic on you!!!

  • Beautiful!

  • Wow!! It’s beautiful!!!

  • It looks beautiful on you!

  • Great sweater! Link goes to The Knitting Barber but maybe you were looking for a bartender after all the bobbles?

  • Lovely sweater and thank you for all the helpful ideas! The tutorial on backward purling broke my brain for a minute – must give it a try.

    • Try it!! It’s only three stitches so it’s very doable .

  • Purling backwards who knew that was a thing? I made a shawl this summer with four bobble rows and wish I knew then what I know now. Thank you for the inspiration. I cannot wait to cast this on.

    • You’re going to love purling the back of the bobbles! It’s a true game changer

  • That is the dreamiest of colors, and you look fantastic in it!

  • The TBK cords are brilliant! Are they going to be in the MDK shopr?

  • It looks perfectly on you! Nice tips, too! Now I wonder if I did my “Learn to Knit Continental” class a disservice by not teaching them the combination purl!

  • I, too, am in love with Atlas. Worth every penny.

  • You are so right about the nail polish! Making a manicure appointment today!!

  • Love the color, the backwards purl and the nail polish. It all turned out so great! And the picture is beautiful. Somewhere in the past I read that knitting backwards is easier American style even for Continental knitters. Think it is definitely worth it for Continentals to investigate. Chloe

  • I love your manicure tip!

  • Yes to pretty nails. I love the idea of making something pretty to look at, little moments of delight. Your cardi is gorgeous, and perfect for you.

  • Being able to knit and purl backwards are excellent skills to have to hand. Not hard to master with a little practice, and helpful so often (example: when chart reading you don’t have to adjust your brain to “the knits are purls now, and the purls are knits” on all the WS rows, you just read the chart – from left to right – as it shows!). Useful for Entrelac knitting too, for the same reason as bobble construction as discussed in the article.

  • You look stunning, Gale!

  • Gale!! I was so happy to see your face when scrolling through my Google suggestions this morning! If you ever come to Kansas City, please let me know! My email and phone number is the same and would love to catch up!!

    • Beth! Hi there and that would be amazing! Xox