Knit to This: Beyond the Visible

By Kay Gardiner
October 8, 2022

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  • I am most grateful to KnitStars for expanding the world for me knitwise. I was introduced to so many talented people via the lessons made available. For people like me, the ability to go back and replay things I didn’t get the first time, is invaluable. I loved the MDK presentation, and I have been introduced via the course material to Amy Herzog, Arne & Carlos, Asa Soderman, Ambah O’Brien, Blue Sky Fibres, Vera Valimaki, GG, Vincent, Casapinka, Sharon from Security, Felicity Ford, Dana Williams-Johnson, da Brooklyn Boy Louis Boria, Nancy Marchant, Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mabley and the list goes on! So many incredibly talented people and fibre producers. Thank you to all of you talented people,

  • Wow, Thanks so much for the recommendation. Amazing work

  • Wow! Beautiful and moving.

  • Thank you for the heads up on the history of an unsung art pioneer. When I looked at her large canvases, I can see them interpreted as blankets knit in Swedish wool. Painted or knitted they are inspiring.

  • O BOY! I can’t wait to watch this tonight!

  • Thanks! On the list for the weekend!

  • Thank you for this recommendation. I am in awe!

  • I’m no modernist — but this exhibit was beautiful.

    I am waiting for someone to make pattens of some of the Weiner Werkstedde (sp) garments … in the early plague days, I went to a great zoom on the textiles, etc., from an exhibit in Vienna? Such beautiful works.

    Go to the Met and check out the Crafted by Fire (?) exhibit — American art pottery. I knew the collector and the collection … and don’t miss the Kimono exhibit … it was wonderful (and shows Western garments influenced by kimono as well)

  • Yeah, that men thing gets old, doesn’t it? Someone sent me a review of an Anni Albers exhibit at the museum at Syracuse University, and one of the things the reviewer noted was how much more attention her husband Josef got in their lifetimes, even though her art is more complex and interesting, and has held up over time.
    It looks like a great exhibit, textiles and drawings, if anyone is in the Syracuse area before December.
    And the movie is on the agenda for this evening, after I plant my garlic….

  • Just amazing. Wasn’t intending to watch it all today but was totally engrossed. Thank you for recommending this!

  • Kay, thank you- extraordinary & breathtaking

  • Oh my. I am overwhelmed by the artist, her talent and the film making. I can only hope that I may one day see an exhibit of her work. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kay, maybe you can get to London in the new year?
    Tate Museum of Modern Art will exhibit some works of Hilma af Klint in early 2023.

  • Saw the exhibit at the Guggenheim…simply awesome!

  • Thanks for this. Shockingly, I did manage to see the exhibit at the Guggenheim — usually intend to but never make it to things.

  • This was wonderful, so well done!

  • Thank you, thank you!! I was blown away by her Guggenheim show, so glad to learn about this. I learn so much daily from this blog. Gracias.

  • I was entranced by the film – so beautifully done. And so unfair, as usual, to a woman artist. But, I also had to check out Julia Voss’ IG account – yes, she’s wearing more great clothes.
    Thank you so much, MDK.