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  • This is generous and welcome news! I subscribed to the Youtube channel and then forwarded the email to my 12 member Knitting Circle. I’ve had the app since the beginning, its so good.

  • Thank you very much. I just downloaded the Skill Set video set and can’t wait to get started. I have been knitting many years and have learned there is so much I don’t know. I am so excited….

  • This is great news!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Thank you! I had the app but changed phones and from Android to Apple and lost it! Definitely getting it again now.

    • Same thing for me!
      Thanks Ann and Kay!

  • I will do my best. Have an iPad but not an iphone (those things belong to the evil always-there, attention-sucking fairy, (IMHO). So if the app works for iPads I am IN. I think MDK will have great success with this!

  • Got it! App is iPad-friendly. This will be great at reminders on how to work Left vs. Right cables and how to carry yarn in stripes and intarsia. I never can remember if working yarn goes under or over previous yarn. Also like the calm, even-toned narrative voice. My older eyes do wish the print font were a little darker, however. But still glad I got it! Chloe

  • This will be so useful for my knitting group – thank you!

  • This is year 2 of me teaching 12-week ‘learn to knit’ classes to 5th through 7th graders at my school. They come twice a week for 40 minutes, and work on simple beanie hats. Of the 48 students I’ve taught so far, I think at least 20 of them will keep knitting…including last year’s captain of the football team!

    Thanks for making this great resource available for them!

  • I do like what I see and appreciate the .99 offer! Thank you! I will definitely guide any new knitters I come across to this resource. A couple of thoughts that might make your channel easier for new viewers: 1) create playlists for each lesson, 2) on the “about” tab include the book title and that book and/or app can be purchased from your website. Also, the app on my iPad only displays portrait and does not auto change to landscape. It could be a setting I need to change, but all my other apps auto rotate. If it’s something on the app development side, I think it would make the app more usable. Thanks again and for all you do❣️

  • Nice. As I was helping someone at a local library knitting group I recommended this book … now I can also recommend the videos!

  • Great news! I have the app, but will appreciate the larger screen size available on my desktop through the YouTube videos!!

  • I am excited about this. l want to improve my knitting.

  • Thank you! This is so timely as I’m teaching new knitter class at our library next week after a hiatus owing to the pandemic–class is full and find I am a little nervous even though I’ve been teaching knitting for over a decade now. I’ll definitely share this resource with our newbie knitters–and review for myself to calm the nerves!

  • I wish you had a Continental set of videos.

    • I think you’ll find that most of the instruction applies to any style of knitting, especially when we get beyond the very first steps of forming stitches.

  • Wow. I’m a long-time, pretty experienced knitter, but I just browsed the channel and found several of the videos that I need to watch. I’m pretty sure that some of the ways I do knitterly things have been improvised by me over the years (for better or worse), and now I have this amazingly easy way to get a refresher on specific techniques. Thank you !!

  • It’s wonderful! Thank you so much,

  • You can’t see me but…there’s a high 5 involved and a big thank you very much for your generosity.

  • I liked the channel so much I bought the app, it’s by far the best $1.35 I’ve ever spent ( I’m Canadian so the price is a bit higher). You see 58-years ago I could knit and purl, cast on and off for a Guide Badge and haven’t knit in almost 58-years. I remembered how to hold my left hand but for the life of me couldn’t get the needle. 10 minutes and I’m there, thanks so much!