Gossamer Dreams

By Ann Shayne
September 20, 2022

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  • LOVE this.

    • I loved this when I saw it and am about half way toward completion. It’s a fun little knit.

  • Beautiful! Can’t wait to cast this on!

  • I am working on Gossamer using two complementary colors of Kidsilk Haze. It is so light and delicate, and a joy to knit!

    • I was just wondering g about using 2 colors….LOVE to see a picture!

      • I posted on Ravelry (julnick) with a couple of photos of the yarn and the start of the back.

    • Yes! Perfect chance to marl! I’m seeing a sort of neutral, with all those luscious blue shades added in….

    • How many skeins are required?

  • What are the dimensions? Fuller figured person.

    • Lots of sizes included in pattern and would be easy to adjust.

  • I just cast this on and it’s going to be a lovely knit! Better than I could have envisioned in Mist!

  • Also thinking of using multiple colors in a marl similar to the swarf (not-a-dickey) because I have some KSH stash…

  • I fell in love with this pattern and just finished knitting the back. I am loving it! It’s so light and fluffy, rather like knitting a cloud.

  • Love this interpretation of a ruana. Buttons down the front and down the sides is genius. Such a chic garment, and if you’ve knit with it, you know… they don’t call it KidSilk Crack for nothing. 🙂

  • Great sweater/vest! I’ve just completed the ribbing on the back in scarlet and have a question. Where the pattern says “work even” does that mean repeating rows 1-3 with a repeat of row 2? I’m confused about what to do with the 4 stitches in the middle of the back.

    • Usually “work even” just means you’re not increasing or decreasing, just following your pattern stitch. I don’t have the Field Guide (yet), but it sounds like Row 1 and 2 might be the thing to do? Looks like you need a row with yarn overs, and then a plain row to follow? This might be a good question to ask in the Lounge area of the website also, as lots of Q&A is posted there. Good luck!

  • Caught my imagination immediately. Initially I was confused if I needed 8 or 16 balls. With a little guidance, I was assured for my size, just 8. I will be starting one with the wine color. Using Silk Hair Haze Melange – super kid mohair by Lana Grossa.