Knit to This: The Beginning of Martha Stewart Living

By Kay Gardiner
September 10, 2022

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  • Oh, thank you for this, Kay, I just started this podcast and so far it is so much fun..the 46th floor just above the building heating floor for their first offices. All that backstage stuff. I can’t wait until I finish my morning chores to settle down with my knitting and Martha. She is INTERESTING to listen to…not tedious or dictatorial.

  • Kay, thanks for the link to Gael’s site. I’m getting lost in the videos. Brought back memories of how lovely it was to get to talk and sew with Gael some years ago at the Chauteau Dumas.

    • thanks Roni, our time at Chateau Dumas was wonderful– gael

  • Slowly but surely we will obliviate the term ‘grannies’ from the art and skill of crafting and making.

  • Yay!

  • Dearest Kay, what a wonderful letter about starting a business and being friends. What you are describing is why our sewing circle, otherwise known as the “stitch ‘n bitches,” got together- so we could talk about our most secret desires and our biggest challenges. Knowing what an exhilarating time it was to found Martha Stewart Living- i knew that you would be uplifted by your Modern Daily Knitting project and look what happened! There are so many people depending on the community you and Ann tie together with knitting and sewing! –Gael Towey