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Quick fun for a Friday.

One of our favorite designers, Amy Christoffers, has cooked up a hat design that draws on her enormously popular Pressed Flowers shawl.

We love the Pressed Flowers shawl; Kay had a swell time as she cooked up hers in Rowan Felted Tweed.

For those of us looking for a quick taste of this design, we’re loving Amy’s brand-new Pressed Flowers Hat. You’ll find it here, on Ravelry.

We love this design because it a) is cute, b) is clever, and c) is fun to imagine in Spincycle’s Dyed in the Wool and Jill Draper’s woolly, wonderful Mohonk. A skein of each sets you up for glory. Here are few pairings we like—we could do this all day and kind of basically just did . . .

Mohonk Vintage Denim and Dyed in the Wool Summer Love


Mohonk Charred Coal and Dyed in the Wool Mississippi Marsala


Mohonk Mourning Dove and Dyed in the Wool Nostalgia


Mohonk California Poppy and Dyed in the Wool Deep Bump

Dyed in the Wool is a guaranteed mood booster—a skein of this, paired with a skein of Mohonk, makes for an exuberant funfest, a fine introduction to this yarn that we carry on about so much.

In other words, try it; you’ll like it!

While we’re at it . . .

From the top down, here are a few more Dyed in the Wool and Mohonk pairs: Devilish Grin and Midnight; Rusted Rainbow and Barnsides; Sunset Strip and Roasted Persimmon; Wallflower and Wet Bluestone; Pick Your Poison and Bottle.


  • Oh man! I loved knitting that shawl, and Spincycle will make this some almost instant gratification fun. Going to have to do this in Mourning Dove and Nostalgia for winter dog walks.

  • Yessssssss!

  • It’s an education to look at your colour choices and imagine them knitted up! Thank you for those add-ons.

    Tomorrow is the K-W Knitters Fair (Kitchener-Waterloo in SW Ontario). First time since Covid, and just one day, but it’s back!

    • Congrats! I hope everyone has (purchases) a ball . . . of yarn or two!

      Cheers from fellow Canadian <3

  • Yes! 100% I love Amy’s designs and I love your pairings!

  • I love these pairings! I wish I was financially able to order squishy mail to try some out. I hope there’s a follow up post!

  • Oh I haven’t seenPressed Flowers before. I woukd really like to use Atlas for something- woukd Atlas work with Pressed Flowers?

  • Love all these combinations so much-

  • Will these yarns be at Rhinebeck?

  • Dumb question but on the Pressed Flowers Hat pattern, is the Dyed in the Wool yarn used for the main color or the flowers? Also which cast on method would you recommend, the pattern doesn’t specify? Thank you!

    • You can use Dyed in the Wool either way, whatever you like. And any cast on method works, whatever kind you like best. Long tail is stretchy and a good choice.

      Hope you have fun with this.

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