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Dear friends,

These are busy, great days here at MDK. A lot of seeds planted months ago are sprouting just now, and Kay and I are out in the yard with such happiness (and mud boots, and mukluks—so much crazy spring weather), watching it all come to life. We have a lot of fun ahead for you in the coming weeks and months.

In particular:

This Friday, we’ll launch Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 6.

I’m looking at a copy right now—it is just so beautiful.

The elegance of this Field Guide has everything to do with the designer whose work is featured.

We’re delighted to share the news that the designer for Field Guide No. 6 is Amy Christoffers.

She has been one of our favorite designers ever since we caught sight of one of her first designs, the Acer Cardigan, back in 2010. Right out of the gate, Amy showed a distinctive sensibility—combining classic silhouettes with modern twists—that really dazzled us.

With hundreds of designs, Amy has explored the intersection of texture, structure, color, and style. There is something so irresistible about her patterns. She knows what makes a project fun to knit. And she is fearless when it comes to working with new techniques.

It was completely unsurprising when she was tapped to become Design Director of Berroco Yarns. They are lucky to have her.

And we are lucky that she found time to work on this new Field Guide with us. I think you’re going to be as inspired by her work as we are.

And by inspired, I mean eager to cast on.

The big launch comes on Friday. What’s the theme for this Field Guide? We’ll let you know soon! (If by chance you have an idea about it, please keep it on the down low!)



P.S. We’re excited that so many of you are joining us on our Knit Stars adventure this fall. Welcome! For more information, and to sign up for the earlybird deal, here you go.


  • How exciting! Can’t wait for the new Field Guide!

  • Hmm.. the “here you go’ link st the bottom gives me a 404 … not found error

    • Fixed! Our apologies for the gremlins! Thanks for having a look.

    • I got that too, but I didn’t click the “go home” button and got through to a sign in sheet.

      • That should have read: but I clicked the “go home” button

  • This is exciting news! Christoffers is one of my favorite designers.

  • Amy and and the MDK Field Guide team is pure alchemy – all the right ingredients for knitting magic. I can’t wait to see what you all cooked up together.

  • Yay!! Amy Christoffers is so, so good. And such a nice person!

  • I am so excited by this news! Amy’s Bailey Cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe.

  • There is some great karmic sweep in this world. I remember meeting Amy for the first time on the hill at Rhinebeck, when I was a mere slip of a middle-aged woman, and you telling me, “This is SAVORY KNITTING!” and I was all “WHAT! GET OUT!” I love our job.

    • and we love you both and all !!!

  • I LOVE her simple designs, perfect for a knitter like me who fears sweaters… my first finished sweater was one of her designs, and I love it completely. I can’t wait for the field guide! I’m all signed up for Knit Stars, and much as I look forward to summer and I don’t want to speed through it, in the back of my mind I am very excited about the fall for Knit Stars.

  • Imagining in the round bottom up and maybe cardis!

  • I may still be dithering about which MarchMayhem sweater to knit but I signed up for Knit Stars!! Whoo Hoo!

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