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  • It is decidedly autumn-ish here today. Dreary, cool, and clearly time to cook something low and slow. With potatoes that aren’t in a salad. I’m not quite ready for an egg nog yet but the Christmas knitting has begun. Hannukah and Soltice knitting is coming soon.

  • at 99 degrees expected here today I’m not ready for ANYTHING to be cooking, but I am already knitting on Christmas gifts!

    • Looking at 110F here (well, actually I’m afraid to look . . .)

  • 102 predicted here today. Indoor temp inside my house reached 90 yesterday.

  • I also love to make stockings for newlyweds. Always a hit!

  • It was 90 at 10 am this morning, and about 110 this afternoon. Power outages (rolling blackouts) are expected… but how nice to think about Christmas weather! I’ll have to sing about a White Christmas and maybe it will cool us down.
    Thanks for the great kits and pattern! I love Ruby’s colors and will be making 2 stockings when the weather starts to turn this fall. For now, I am sticking with wash cloths (log cabins and ball band) and crocheted pot holders, all small and cottony.