Meditation: It’s Mine O’Clock

August 15, 2022

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  • As for books (and yarn and fabric) I find myself buying because I think possession will turn to action. Thanks so much for naming that and for showing a way to use the precious time we have for creating meaning

    • This is such a great article! Thank you!

      • Thank you. Beautifully put.

    • Bang on!
      Bull’s eye!
      10 points for this, or rather 11? I mean 11 stitches!
      Did you read my mind while writing this?
      It’s nice to know – I am not alone!

    • Love this thank you!:)

  • So true! This is exactly what I needed to read this morning!

  • Although retired this applies to me too! More books than I’ll ever read and more patterns than I’ll ever knit. But it’s fun to dream…

  • I finally figured this out for myself! Whenever I buy a craft kit or yarn, or a coloring book or book, I was trying to buy the TIME to do them all! It hasn’t stopped me from the buying, but I do understand the why!

    • Ditto!

  • Needed this today!

  • “Whatever amount of time you have, this knitting meditation, like something loosely woven, can expand to fit the space you have for it.”

    Yes, that’s why I don’t have deadlines for projects, and don’t feel guilty about not finishing, and have portable projects.

  • Thank you for sharing your perspective and wisdom!

    Breathing. Meditating. Body posture. Balance. You covered it al!


  • Amen!

  • My knitting students laugh when I say, “knitting is a meditative practice.” In the beginning, they’re filled with anxiety about mistakes, dropped stitches, and starting over. Knitting becomes meditative when one accepts that mistakes happen and starting over is normal.

    • @Ruth, amen to that!
      And thank you Suzanne for this letter, such good points!

  • I needed this today more than usual. I am getting new carpeting in my bedrooms and ‘office’ and had to empty closets. Eegads, I now have a bathtub full of books and yarn for the ages. I will be practicing breathing as I put things back together.

  • Thank you for this! I so feel the same way, and your article is so helpful!

  • AMEN, sister!

  • Thank you for sharing! It’s so reassuring to hear from others exactly how I’ve been feeling about so many books I buy to read and projects to knit. And reminding me to practice my meditation while I knit.

  • Beautifully said!!!!!

  • I love what you said, “Knitting is an understanding friend, waiting patiently…..” That’s said so well about knitting, but certainly about our best/closest friends.

    • Yes! Lovely comment on knitting, it’s my most patient & closest friend. It’s always there for me at any time. Peace everyone!

  • Thank you for helping me realized what I’ve been doing all these years!

  • I see myself in every word you wrote. So insightful! It’s nice to know that there are others out there in Yarnland that have the same challenges (why do we always think it’s just us? LOL)

  • You & I must be twin sisters from different mothers. I very much enjoyed your writing

  • I used to attend a knitting group every other Saturday. It disbanded several years ago, for various reasons. I did not find another group because of work obligations, as most other groups met weekday afternoons. There was something about being there that was wonderful. Once I arrived at group, time no longer mattered. It would always seem as if time stood still. For a little while, I was able to just be in the present. I always felt renewed at the end. It was sort of amazing to me. Gee, I miss those people and that time.

  • Although I don’t find knitting particularly meditative unless I’m knitting a flat piece of garter stitch, I do find plenty of opportunities to practice patience. Knitting if interesting but not the be-all end-all of my world.

  • Simply: Yes.

  • Yes! I am retired and theoretically have all the time I want to do anything, but this still speaks to me. My Monday evening knitwits zoom with like-minded individuals is always a good time even if we don’t usually meet in person (which is harder since we are now more geographically located). A set-aside ‘me’ time for each of us, once a week.

  • Thanks so much! Kindred spirit here!❣️

  • I can never seem to find time for a meditation practice, and yet always find time to knit. It’s a genius idea to combine the two.

  • Well said!!