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Suzan Colón

New York, New York

Suzan Colón is the author of Cherries in Winter: My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Hard Times (Doubleday), Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical (Scribner), and other books. A former Senior Editor of O, the Oprah Magazine and a certified Yoga instructor, Suzan has made a few careers out of trying to live, if not her best life, then as best as she can. 

A fretter by nature, Suzan found knitting to be a very effective form of stress reduction. She teaches MedKNITation, a system of meditation with knitting and crochet. She launched the Kindness Hearts Project, making and enlisting others to make tiny knit and crochet hearts with messages of kindness. In 2020, when lines for food banks were miles long, Suzan started #TenForTarot, doing 3-card tarot readings for $10 donations to Feeding America, the nation’s food bank. 

When she’s not making hearts, throwing cards, or dropping stitches because she’s so Zenned out, Suzan is watching the latest superhero movie with her husband and two rescue cats. You can visit her on her website and on Instagram @suzanacolon and @medknitation

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Contributions From Suzan Colón

A Moment of Kindness

Show your appreciation. All you need is a crochet hook, some tags and yarn, and inspiration.

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Time to slow down all around and glow up on the inside. Recipe link included.

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Unraveling with Serenity

Pull up a lily pad and rip without coming undone.

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The Joy of Passing It On

Or "How to Give Half Your Stash Away."

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Happy New Yarn

A different spin on New Year’s resolutions.

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Meditation: It’s Mine O’Clock

A meditation in knitterly time.

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Meditation, Hold the Frustration

The path to a quieter mind is right in our hands.

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A Design for Living

How to turn down the inner shriek a tad.

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The Yarn Tarot

Your future is filled with fiber.

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