Field Guide No. 21: Brioche is Nancy Marchant's intro to a very beautiful technique

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  • Great T-shirt. Knitting will save us all! White lettering on multiple color shirts.

    • Forgot to mention that I have at least 5-7 knitting tshirts. These include gnomes, yarn, and assorted sheep. Great for knitting meetings, yarn crawls, and group knitting. Knitting = fun.

  • Such a fun time, and I got to meet Ann and Kay as well as Jen Geigley! Which was perfect as I had a question about converting her Cider Mill pattern into a cardigan.

    I’d really love a workshop on making the loop potholders. I’ve always seen them as a “kid craft” but I think it might be nice to play with that a little.

    • I’d love a Cider Mill cardigan too! Did she suggest a steek? Maybe Jen can share her insights in a blog post.

      • I’m planning to steek this, since I got some good experience with the Daytripper cardigan. Just waiting for my Atlas to arrive!

    • Loved hanging out with you for a bit!

  • I had a great time. I wish there had been examples of what it should look like after completing each section, so I’d know if I was on track. Hoping I’m making the right size. I have a tiny head and have gone down a crochet hook size. I’d like someone to show me how to fix Fisherman’s rib, when you need to redo a stitch.

  • I never thought I’d be saying this but along with knitting I too believe Pickleball will save us all. Living in strange times,for sure! Xox

  • how did I miss the MDK Summer Camp????

    • This is also what I am wondering! Although probably I did notice it and blocked it out of my brain because it was a day I really really couldn’t

      • It sold out pretty quickly!

  • How about a knit sun hat? Crochet hurts my knuckles

    • I agree!

  • Looking forward to the next one! Will there be a patch?

  • I loved summer camp! Thanks for the memories. (And project bag + patch!) Still working away on my hat.

  • I would love a camp day learning to crochet granny squares. Last Friday was the first time I’ve crocheted in decades. Finished my bucket hat Sunday morning. It was a lovely change from knitting.

    • yes to granny squares please. would love to bust my stash with a granny square afghan like my mama’s.

  • Embrace the crochet! When I taught kids to knit I taught them crochet at the same time – knit stitch, purl stitch, single crochet, double crochet. Always holding the yarn in the left hand made the two crafts seem naturally related.

  • I loved the camp experience and making the hat! My first real crochet experience- I’m hooked!