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  • Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

  • The design reminds me of Angelfish 😉
    Good job!

  • Oooh -the snugness of this cowl. I haven’t gone brioche yet but this might just inspire me. And I could wear it on the one day in Georgia that may be cold enough to enjoy the cushiest warmth! Or possibly a ticket to Somewhere North is in order! Beautiful Nell. And I love the color choices and the 2 skeins only!

  • Thank you, Nell – always learning from you!!

  • Beautiful, clever and inspiring!

  • This is so in line with yesterday’s post about creativity. Taking a basic pattern and changing it up to make it your own.

  • Nell great article and mods. And of course great photo of you. ❤️

  • You’re a genius! Love this, thank you.

  • Nell your spatial reasoning skills blow me away! I would never have figured out that solution to flipping the direction of the arrows.

    • Just brilliant Nell! Love all you’ve done here, and I haven’t been a big fan of 2-color brioche. You made everything good. xoxo

  • Nell was such a great teacher at Swanee. Loved her class. Here she is again giving us super tips on her cowl. Thank you Nell