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  • Congrats to all!! Beautiful Brioche

  • Congratulations to everyone, especially the intrepid, first-time brioche knitters. It is so much fun seeing all of the fabulous color possibilities.

    • Congratulations to all. It was great fun learning to Brioche and lovely to see everyone’s work

  • Yay me! Loved figuring out the brioche thing with the Cushiest Cowl, looking forward to a Honeycomb deep dive. Thanks y’all!

    • Looking forward to trying the pecan pie tam/ beret when you get around to it. Looks marvi.

  • I love that honeycomb scarf.

  • Forgot to enter! But I loved learning how! Thsnk you for the video, and encouragement. I’m feeling great about conquering my Brioche-block!

  • Thank you, Ann and Kay, for the encouragement and support for this brioche appetizer. And to receive a prize? Dessert!!! Thanks MDK!

  • Learning how to brioche has been so much fun and potentially, opened a lot of knitting doors for me! Thank you!

  • Congratulations everyone! Brioche takes a bit of brain power but the results are so worth it!