There’s a New Dishcloth Yarn in Town

By Kay Gardiner
June 30, 2022

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  • Somewhat off topic, but it is about the yarn. I am thinking Shakerag Tee. The gauge is close to Sylph, so with a bit of swatching it should work.

    And, in revisiting Field Guide No. 6 I was reintroduced to the Albers Shaw…which might just be fabulous in this blend.

    • I was thinking the same thing a Shakerag tee in this cotton/linen blend. Maybe I’ll make a few dishcloths first
      to see how it does.

      • The gauge will be fine when held as a single strand, but I think Creative Linen might be too thick to hold double for the striped effect?

        • Which kind of brings up the question…Are any of us knitting Shakerag Tops without the stripes just because we like the fit and shape so much?

        • I see. Two strands of Sylph match the gage for one strand of Creative Linen.

          It could be different color stripes versus transparent/solid.

          Creative Linen just seems like such a great blend for a Shakerag.

        • Thanks for clarifying; two color stripes in this yarn seems pretty appealing : )

  • Oh come on, would y’all please stop it! My stash is about to bust out if it’s designated room as it is and I SWORE to myself I would not buy another plastic tote to store yarn in. SWORE!!

    • Just knit faster, ok? That way it gets out of the tote and into your closet or kitchen drawer. That’s been my practice. LOL

  • Sort of off topic, as well, but certainly related to dishcloths…is there ANY WAY to salvage a knitted dishcloth that has been abused by family members? (ahem, not wringing out and hanging to dry; left wadded up in a bucket for some ghastly reason; or abandoned in a pile of other cleaning rags on the laundry room floor) What can be done to remove the ghastly smell that lingers even after laundering? You know what I mean – it’s fine right out of the dryer, but the moment the cloth gets wet – WHEW! The funk is overwhelming!

    • I have found that sometimes a somewhat diluted white vinegar soak and then drying it out in the sun can help a lot. It can also ruin the fabric, depending on exactly what it is made of and how the stars align on a given day. Someone else may have a safer solution but I have successfully (and not so successfully) done this in the past. Bleach followed by sunlight is also effective but much more likely to destroy the cloth. Other suggestions from the choir…?

    • Totally on topic Angela Pea 🙂 I’ve been a bit militant about the care of my kitchen linens recently and am trying to recall what has worked in the past for The Funk. A vinegar soak / rinse may not help a serious case but sometimes Natures Miracle in the laundry tub can help. It’s a pet supply item. I’ve also used it successfully for soccer cleats so those enzymes in NM really can do the trick.

    • I like a baking soda soak to defunk!

    • Thank you for the recommendations!

      • Microwave it while wet.
        Also, Biz – my favorite old school enzyme laundry additive.

    • I have used this formula successfully (meaning the smell was gone once wetted and used again). In washing machine:
      1 – 1 cup baking soda + 1 cup vinegar + hottest water. Soak 1 hour, then complete wash cycle.
      2 – (2nd wash) 1 cup vinegar + laundry detergent (and run through an extra spin cycle)
      3 – then dry in dryer immediately on highest setting.
      Hope this works!

      • Have you seen the Colorfield Hand Towel (a free pattern from Purl Soho) I believe that and a little Linoleum Dishcloth action is in order!

  • Would it work for the Shakerag top?

  • Shakerrag Tee sprang to mind for me too! But first, that pattern! Those beautiful diamonds. So cute. Thank you for making it available to all for Free!

  • Hey Kay — how did you get your little triangle so neat and tidy in your brioche cloth? I’ve done two now and mine don’t look like your’s. I like it anyway, but just wondering. Also, because cotton isn’t wool, does one block cotton??

  • I love linen… for sewing especially. Guess I will have to try knitting with it ….

  • Which yarn would you think would make the best burp “rag” for a newborn? I have until December to get a stack ready Thanks!!!

    • I made a bunch of Baby Genious burp cloths (in MDK’s original book) for my nephew’s baby twins, and mom still uses them for bath time for the now 4 yr old girls. Used Peaches and Cream dishcloth cotton and it has held up well. The Rowan cotton or creative linen should be even more lush. Happy newborn!

  • advice on the swiffer cover? Slightly bigger rectangle than the base?

  • Love the 9-patch but also love the LogCabinz4evahhhhh

  • Oh, I think I have a problem. I love this yarn. I might need help. Is there a program for dishcloth addiction?