Get Ready: A Kitchen Sink-along Is Coming

By Kay Gardiner
June 23, 2022

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  • Like everyone I have a TON of projects in my queue……but I don’t think I can resist this! And Kay, your writing makes me chuckle so my mattress is shaking – “toilet paper cozy in the shape of a ball gown with a Barbie in it”. Thank you for starting my day on such a joyful, hilarious note.

    • You can’t forget the hanging dish towel from one of your books with the double thick hanging tab! (Sorry I can’t check which one because we are vacationing in the mountains of Tennessee). We have one of those hanging on our stove handle all of the time.

  • Maybe in the future …. a Field Guide which is solely a collection of dish cloths. Just saying. I’d be in!!

    • Me too!

    • Yes!!

  • Confused about the KnitStars sale – all the links lead to the KnitStars home page, but I don’t see where to register for the Season 3 sale…what am I missing?

    • Also the links on the KnitStars page for “Notify Me” and “Menu” don’t seem to work. Maybe I need to use a different browser? I’m using Safari.

  • We are nearing the end of a total kitchen remodel and I plan to dedicate my new kitchen with a batch of brand-new dish cloths. This is perfect timing!!

  • Cannot contain my excitement! I have some roadtrips coming up (the kind where I don’t have to drive) and dishcloths will be the perfect thing.

  • This is perfect in so many ways! I am just coming out of a sling from rotator cuff surgery so there has been no knitting in my life for the past 7 weeks! By July 15 I will have knocked out 2 1/2 weeks of PT and will be more than ready to start knitting again. A small dishcloth project is just the thing to get my knitting muscles back in shape! This will be fun!

  • I am not a usually a KAL person, but this sounds like a load of fun. My favorite pattern, along with some different cotton blends are set to go!

  • I recently purchased Log Cabin and yarns to coordinate with my kitchen and my parents’ kitchen, so I’m ready to go!!!

  • Oh, I DO love a fun Swiffer cover! I think that’s how i first got to know y’all….I bought the book with the Swiffer cover in it and made about 5 of them. They STILL make me laugh when I use them!

    • A swiffer cover really exists? I thought it was in the category of the Barbie toilet roll cover with a Barbie in it. Have to google this, so funny!

      • The Swiffer covers are awesome! They’re great for dusting, they make your Swiffer look ‘fancy’ when you aren’t using it, and you can wash and reuse them a million times. Plus, they make me giggle. 🙂 (I think the pattern was in Ann and Kay’s second knitting book…)

      • You don’t remember doll toilet roll covers? Oh my yes, in the ’50’s they were crocheted to match the doll covered pillow for your bed. For me it was a real turnoff to crochet, but they were quite popular. Maybe it’s a good thing they have passed out of our collective memory.

  • Thanks for reminding me of the dishcloth calendar. I think we had to apply to join! I may use this to learn the honeycomb pattern.

  • Yay dishcloths!! I’m in. And for my fellow crocheters, I’d like to suggest my favorite dishcloth EVER, 29 Stitches by Heather Prusia. I’ve probably made a hundred of them, and no doubt there are a few more upcoming!

  • Which yarn is used to knit Grandma’s Favorite washcloth? I’m in and so excited! My first MDK KAL.

    • Rowan Handknit Cotton!

  • I’m already well on the way with this one. I need to take photos! I’ve knit a few to take to a housewarming party this weekend. Next in the queue is a batch for our nephew to take to college. His dorm suite has a kitchen. I’ll knit those in the school colors.

  • Yesterday’s new color way for garter stitch throw/shawl reminds me of Kay and Ann’s matching linen dresses and Jen G’s sweater.

  • So excited about this KAL because knitting a washcloth is likely to cure whatever ails you!

    • Well said! Definitely in for this reason. “Heart”

    • This is exciting! I’ve been experimenting with ‘dishcloths’ for several weeks in a rainbow of colours, handtowels, pot holders, ‘trivets, kitty coffee/tea cozies, soap dish pretties….endless possibilities! I’m nervous about sharing though since my skill set is ‘beginner’ and I don’t follow pattern but more of a what happens if I do this? approach. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

  • This is perfect!! I’m flying 2,000 miles to babysit my grandogs for 3 weeks in July. I needed a project but the thoughts of hauling my 1/2 completed temperature blanket (this thing is going to be huge!) and the needed yarn was overwhelming. I’m so happy! Thanks MDK!

  • Now I’m imagining someone knitting their crawling kid a body suit sweater with extra bobbles to clean the floor….

  • I’m in! They are such satisfying little projects.

  • Even though I have deadline knitting to get done, I think I’ll knit a couple ballband dishcloths with you — my mom loves them and I haven’t knit her any knew ones in a while!

  • KnitPicks has lots of free dishcloth patterns:

    • Thank you Lynda! I’ve already downloaded 3 patterns. While I’m there, I’ve been thinking of trying CotLin.

    • Wow! Do they ever! Thank you.

  • I haven’t knit the Bodhi Leaf yet and have some Handknit Cotton available. You say it might be a bit larger…what needle size would you suggest? Stick with the US5 or go larger?

    • US5 is just right for a Bodhi Leaf with some body and that still drapes, but that does depend on your tension. A quick garter stitch swatch can help you decide.

      • Using Rowan Handknit Cotton I still use an
        Addi US size 6 (4mm). It is a little larger but has a lovely hand (weight/feel) and texture. Yes, do the swatch to see what works best for you.

      • Thanks

  • Yay, I’m in! It’s so hot in Texas, 100 degree days since May, this sounds great!! Thank you for the enthusiasm, I need it!

  • I love dishcloths…they spell “HOME” in the most endearing way with a hint of nostalgia about all things good and simple and tranquil. I love the ones I did some in Euroflax from these wonderful patterns:

    They are my “guest hand towels” 🙂

  • Kay – everything you write makes me smile and brings joy! Thank you!!

  • I’m always working a Chinese Waves Dishcloth by Margaret Radcliffe as waiting room knitting so I think I’m ready for my first ever KAL! And I’m loving the look of the brioche triangles – might have to purchase FG #21 now.

  • I have been sooo looking forward to this! I’m waiting for some yarn to arrive so I’m between projects. I have 2 balls of Peaches n Cream Stripey in stash, and I’m ready to go;) I’ve knit quite a few “KG Dew Traveling Salesman size” and it’s my fave!!

  • Can I use this opportunity to promote the crocheted coat hanger cover? Not a kitchen item per se, but handy in the laundry room. You don’t clean with it, but it is square—or more accurately, rectangular—and nothing if not homey, so it should qualify.

  • I’ve never joined a KAL but I will have a houseful of littles here for vacation and this sounds like the perfect knitting project! I’ll have to get out my Guides and yarn!

  • I think the one and only dishcloth I’ve ever knit was the Bodhi Leaf one, which I have to admit I use purely as decor— it rests underneath a tiny clay vase made by my grandmother my bathroom countertop. Maybe this knitalong will inspire me to make a few more to actually use as face cloths!

    • This is the one that appeals to me too. I’ve liked it since that Field Guide came out! I’ve never made a dishcloth, but this might be the time!

    • Same! I’ve knit 3 of them – one for each shelf of a standing lamp I have!

  • My oldest will move to her first apartment in August. This knitalong comes at the perfect time, as I had already started knitting her some dish cloths. I can’t wait to try out some of these patterns. AND – I just learned to crochet, so I’m giving that a whirl too! She said she didn’t mind about color, so I’m just dragging out all the dishcloth cotton I have from my early knitting days and whacking them out as the ideas come to me. The first one is a very bumpy crochet, the second, a plain garter held double for good scrubby thickness. The third is in progress, a log cabin. I’ve pulled out my MDK book of old to try a mitered square next!! Don’t forget the mitered square!!

  • I liked the suggestion to use the Honeycomb Brioche stitch for a Dishcloth. I find learning Brioche to be more challenging to me than any other new technique so far, but, I am persistent if nothing else.

    That said, I want to suggest the any of the patterns listed in the Sequences Field Guide would work, too.

    Happy knitting.

  • Well I guess I’ll join in, since my son and daughter-in-law are in the process of buying their first (last?) home, and they’ll need some fancy wash cloths and hand-knit towels, I’m sure. I have the patterns, and have now placed my order for some of your pretty yarn.

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  • Ok, this may sound like a dumb question. I’m using Rowan Creative Linen. Is it a pain to wash and lay them out to dry? I love knitting the dishcloths but babe yet to use one. I don’t want to ruin it

  • Can I post a photo on MDK instagram if I don’t have an Instagram account? How do I post a photo on MDK Lounge?