Zingy or Calm? The Eternal Question

By Ann Shayne
June 21, 2022

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  • Oh boy. I have been holding off on this scarf while I finish a (few) ufo(s) and now I want to cast on in multiple colorways.

  • “Sophisticated calm”…love it!!

  • I have two different color ways packed for the summer getaway…bright and subdued. Can. Not. Wait!

  • Both versions are amazing!
    But wildly zingy fits my current mood

  • Just curious Ann, all your pictures of your scarf have the side up that is the side facing me when I do my wrong side rows. To me the other side looks more honeycomb. Both sides are beautiful, did you just decide that was your favorite or am I reading the pattern backwards?
    I was actually thinking a carefully knit sweater in this pattern could be totally reversible….

    • I love that sweater idea!!

    • I am currently knitting a sweater inspired by this stitch pattern – I am using the tiny triangle (aka the wrong side) as the public facing side. I hadn’t thought about the reversibility option – I am sure you are correct about that.

    • Yes, that’s the wrong side, but I like it more than the right side!

  • Realized yesterday that I knit a project – a cowl – years ago w a brioche tuck stitch… so I brioched w/o knowing it!

  • I’m a middle of the road, follow the rules-or pattern- kind of gal. However I modify almost every knitting or crochet pattern that I use to make it work or fit for my tastes

  • I just started mine with the Winter bundle. It is such an addicting knit – and yes – choosing which mini-kin to use when is not easy.

  • Zingy forever!

    • Yes, zingy forever.

  • I have recently exited the muted, calm world for the Land of Zing!! My personal Red Hat Society, probably at about the same age my mom did, now that I think of it . . .

  • Your shawl is beautiful and I hope mine is as soothing as Cristina’s! I am using Pt. Reyes and Oyster. Fingers grossed!

  • How do you do the honeycomb stitch?

    • Hi Maureen! It’s in the pattern for the Honeycomb Scarf in Field Guide No 21: Brioche.

  • Currently zingy, but normally calm! I love that we can do both, whenever we feel like it. (Which is kind of weird for this monogamous knitter!)

  • What color way is the subtle honeycomb scarf knit in? Is doesn’t appear to be one of the seasonal kit offerings – thanks!

    • Hi Sue! Cristina’s version uses two Freia Shawl Balls, in Lichen and Ember, rather than the Honeycomb Scarf Bundle which has one Shawl Ball and four Minikins.

      • Thanks! It’s gorgeous! On my wish list after I master brioche with the cowl – video is awesome!

  • I’ve just started the winter colorway and I can’t seem to put it down. Also, the pattern is simple enough that it is a good travel pattern. I was curious, with these mini ball kits are you still switching yarn A and yarn B after 19 inches or is the change in minis enough?

  • I just received my Summer scarf bundle. Which did you use for #3 and do you have pictures? Thanks

  • Love the Lichen and Ember. Was going to order but can’t find the Lichen. Is it sold out? If so, will you be getting more? Thanks!

  • This has been on my list for a while. I just got my order of yarn from you and can hardly wait. First must feed 5 feral kittens, two house cats and a dog…and myself!
    I cannot thank you two enough for starting this MDK Saturday Snippets. It has made my day countless times, especially during the Pandemic. Brava!

  • Last minute packing for a trip to see my 6 year old granddaughter. I was going to throw this in the mix of knitting to take with me — but I just whispered to myself as I skimmed the pattern “that’s gonna take some brains” so this will have to wait for my return. I’m really excited to start this…. shoot – now I have to wind something to take….,,,