Brioche Adventure Awaits: Start Here

By Kay Gardiner
June 6, 2022
Big fun ahead! We're learning brioche with Nancy Marchant's beautiful designs for Field Guide No: 21

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  • I’ve been wanting to learn brioche for some time now. I also want to make some Legwarmers. These arm warmers look like the perfect place to start. Do we learn how to increase in brioche in Field Guide 21?

  • I failed brioche class at my LYS pre-pandemic but still want to learn it. Is there hope for me?

    • Can this knitter be saved? YES! This pattern really works and there is not too much to keep track of to get started.

      • I failed at brioche class once, but really wanted to learn. I bought Nancy’s book and was overwhelmed. Now I am learning with Patty Lyons class and it’s starting to click for me. I can bark a bit, and do increases, but those decreases get to me. I want the new field guide so I can have more basic patterns to work through. Thanks!

  • I’ve been plugging along with great fun on the Cushiest Cowl, and it looks great. Except. I can’t seem to get the transition from one round to the next (one color to the next) right. It goes along looking fine, then suddenly it looks like four rounds of knots, no matter how carefully I follow the pattern notes. Yet for a while I was obviously doing it right, so WTF? I shall persevere. Not to discourage anyone – brioche really is mostly easy, and it’s probably just me.

    • I wonder if this has to do with Nancy’s instruction to always drop the color to the front of the work at the end of a round, and to draw the new color from under the old, without crossing the colors. Does that seem like it might be the trouble?

      • Not OP, but I too have been having that experience and I guess I don’t understand how to draw the new color from under the old correctly. Sigh, time to start over.

    • I’ve been plugging along too with the cowl with similar results. I have frogged my project several times and I think I have the hang of it now. I think. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I must have knitted when I should have purled – or the opposite. I hope I have it now! Good luck to you!

  • I have had hard time with brioche,tried hats first and it was a big no. I am wondering if the wrist warmer/beer/pop cozie could be knit without the designs? Just to get used to brioche first.

    • Hi Jann,

      The answer is yes, you could definitely knit the little wrist warmers without the texture designs. The reason we suggest starting with the cowl instead of the wrist warmers is that there are enough stitches on the needle (even with the short version) that the knitter doesn’t have to fuss with double-points or other small-circumference knitting methods while they are getting the hang of brioche. You can cast on any even number of stitches in the round and follow the instructions for the Coziest Cowl, and you’ll get a plain 2-color brioche tube.

  • I have always wanted to learn also. Dug in last night, but I think I need to restart when I’m wide awake! Thanks for the great patterns. Dreaming of making the sweater!

  • Is it possible to make the brioche scarf narrower?