Woolez-Vous Musée Avec Moi?

May 6, 2022

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  • Absolutely fabulous, thank you for this Franklin! Wish I were there….

    • Merci!
      As I knit, I am “reading” a historical fiction book about the French Revolution. There has even been mention of the farm, nothing about sheep. This adds a wonderful bits of background knowledge and will makes me want to visit even more.

    • My feelings exactly!

  • Fascinating and fabulous! Thank-you Franklin!

    • I too would have that look on my face if burly farmhands were bathing me

      • Love this! Entertained, and informed, as always!

  • Amazing and wonderful! I definitely saved this article! And will reread it at least 1000 times! Thank you, Franklin and Clara!!!

  • Witty and just fun! I feel like I was there!

  • This post brightened up a dreary, gray, wet day. 🙂

  • When I was reading Clara’s tales of her Paris adventures I wondered if and when the two of you got together. This was perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  • As always, an enjoyable read! TY Franklin!

  • Now I know why I’ve seen and read so many articles about the Merino War. I don’t think my rudimentary French would have been useful but it still looks like an exhibit I’d enjoy. Enjoyed your review, particularly your reaction to the ram’s barn. Thanks for another excellent letter from Paris.

  • Baa Baa, I missed this exhibition by a week. Thanks for the full report, Franklin.

  • I always look forward to your articles. They are informative, witty,band entertaining. I had read a bit about Spain, France and Rambouillet sheep not long ago, this article continued the story. Thank you! So looking forward to more writings from you.

    • What a civilized way to shear sheep-sitting in a chair whilst the sheep lay there peacefully . I know some shearers who would like to meet those well trained sheep! Thank for sharing!

  • It all sounds fascinating. And of course your description of it is delightful and funny 😀

    • And of course I would absolutely museum with you anytime 😉

      • Exactly what I was thinking. Any museum, any country, any time.

  • Merci, monsieur.

  • You broaden my view of the world. Thank you!

  • We’ll, this just made my morning! Magnifique!

  • Merci, Monsieur! Tres bon! I am very interested in learning about the history of various sheep and their wool and this is fabulous information.

  • Am I not right in thinking that it used to be a capital offence to try and export Merino sheep to anywhere from Spain? I must read more about this! Thank you Franklin (and Clara) for fascinating insights.

  • I grew up in Hudson, NY which boasts Mt. Merino where imported Merino sheep flocked. Thank you for this wonderful journey through their history.

  • Super cool exhibit! I wish I had known about it. Thank you Franklin (and MDK) for “shearing” it with us.

  • A pun in another language! That I understand! Marveilleux! (But cannot spell)

  • When I’m feeling down, all I need to do is read this headline! It’s parfait!

  • Oh my goodness, I wish I could have seen it for myself, but you have given us a delightful glimpse. Thank you!

  • Oh my!! What a pair you make!!! Have you and Clara ever taught a class together? Did anyone stop laughing long enough to learn and/or teach anything???

  • I look forward to reading EVERYTHING you write, Franklin!!

  • MDK, I love what you do for my mornings! Franklin AND Clara? Bonus! C’est fantastique!

  • Merci. Merci.
    Not only for the exhibit review, but for allowing us to be w you vicariously at the Hotel Soubise.
    (Ah beautiful 18th c buildings that are now public spaces ….I remember gaping at the Carnevalet.)

  • I had a lot of fun with both of your Instagram posts that day. I can just picture the giggly excitement induced by all those samples of fleece and fabric. It’s like the exhibit was curated just for you two! Thank you for bringing us along.

  • Oh my! I would love to see that exhibition; perhaps they’ll bring it back someday? Or maybe send it on tour? If you have get the chance, please attend a fleece competition! I had the opportunity to help the show superintendent for a couple years when I lived NE of Seattle. Fleece competitions will really give you an education on the various sheep breeds, alpacas, camel, yak, bison, etc., and an up close view of the differences in the qualities of the wool.

  • I am always so tickled to see a post from Franklin, and he doesn’t disappoint!

  • The whole article is fascinating and wonderful, but I think this is my favorite quote: “If I were sloshing about in a pool under a waterfall while two burly farmhands rubbed me all over, I’d probably have that look on my face, too.” The first thing I noticed in the picture was the contented mini-smile on the face of the sheep! Bravo for this fantastic piece!

  • Wonderful! Thank you.

  • Thank you, Franklin. (Merci, Franklin.) I think I found the color way for my next project in your photos of the locks and sealing wax.

  • Am ambling along with the Rambouillet. Great to hear from you!

  • Oh Franklin, could you just host all of us on a trip to Paris and guide us through this exhibit in person?! So much history!!! So many sheep!! So much yarn!!!!!! So much fun!!!

  • Thank you, Franklin! Fascinating, informative, delightful article with a perfect title! Paris suits you. ❤️

  • Why does that collage of photographs remind me of police booking photos?

  • Best punning post title EVER!

  • Merci, Franklin! How fascinating! Takes me back to my ‘majoring in agriculture’ days at Texas A&M and my high school days raising Fred the sheep!

  • Oh my dear Franklin – In reading your article I could almost smell the lanolin. As a former shepherd of Romeldale sheep (a cross of Rambouillet & New Zealand Marsh Romney from the early 1900s) I wish I could have been there peering over your shoulder. Thank you, Franklin!

  • Fantastic! This brought a huge smile.

  • Wonderful that you share all this with us!

  • OMG This article made me laugh out loud. Wish I could get on a plane to Paris right now!

  • Thank you for the detail/overview all with humor. Truly enjoyable.

  • This line made me laugh out loud: a teen-aged clerk with shaky hands at the Piercing Pagoda at Windward Mall, circa 1988. The visual discrepancies between the different fleeces before and during the war are striking – thank you for sharing that. Fascinating exhibit!

  • Fantastic article!

  • It’s a puzzle to me how Franklin can post several times on the same topic and each one is better than the last. We are so very lucky to have him to entertain and educate us.

  • Thank You for the hilarious tour!

  • Thank you for this delightful account.

  • Clara and Franklin, two of my favorite writers when it comes to anything sheep and wool!

  • Thank you so very much bringing me to Paris this morning. Each time you bring me into your world- my world is brighter!

  • An interesting read is Sally Coulthard, A Short History of the World According to Sheep, 2021. Much more informative than a world history class I took in college, with a truly global viewpoint.

  • Thanks for the sheep thrills, Franklin!?

    • Question mark was a mistake.

  • Franklin – I heart you!

  • I’d read anything by Franklin. Even his grocery list. I look forward to these pieces! This one was delightful. Rambouillet sheep are also raised in CO. They are the cutest!

  • Very interesting… and the title of the exhibit is ‘typically’ French. In as much as there is a typical French idea…. la guerre des moutons… check La Guerre des Boutons, by French author Louis Pergaud. Made into a couple of movies as well…

  • What fun to read this article! Sadly, we will be in Paris next month and will have missed this wonderful exhibit. To be so close…Merci for the photos and your excellent review!

  • I always look forward to reading anything you write. Thank you for another wry informative message. Your writing starts my day with a smile and a head full of knowledge.

  • Merci!

  • Brilliant and informative and amusing, as always!

  • Absolutely fascinating! Thank you so much! Loved see Clara too!

  • Thank you for sharing this exhibit with those of us who haven’t made it to France in the right time frame. And I am sure that Clara was a perfect companion for this exhibition.

  • This is such a good article, Franklin. For France to keep detailed records for 400+ years on a very specific part of the wool industry shows how incredibly important and valuable the Rambouillet sheep breeding program was to the country. The story is fascinating and your gentle wit is heartwarming. Thank you MDK for sharing with all of us.

  • You AND Clara! What joy!!!

  • Franklin, and Clara. This was a great story. I am mad about sheep also. One of the many things I love about Paris is all the out of the way places and and the tiny museums to all sorts of ephemera.

  • Merci beaucoup Franklin! What a wonderful exhibit and thoroughly enjoyed your sharing with us.

  • Fabulous as always! The sheep lying still on the tables makes me laugh.

  • Love your writing Franklin! Très divertissant!

  • Franklin, thank you for an informative and humorous tour of the exhibit. I would have loved to see it with you and Clara-you could have charged admission.;

  • Fun, informative, entertaining, enjoyable, Thank you. Most of us wool-aholics never have such a delightful experience.

  • Priceless and PERFECT!!! Thank you!

  • Loved it.