Erika Knight: Embrace the Raw Edges

April 27, 2022

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  • Am I doing something wrong or are others receiving the message that signing up for any of the Seasons 1 thru 6 are closed and putting yourself on the waiting list is suggested. I tried this several days ago with that message and you are still encouraging us to sign up for previous seasons. I already own two of the series (which I love) but my budget only allows for one or two a year so I an obviously behind and was hoping to catch up a little. Thanks.

  • I can relate to Erik’s comments about living by the sea. I grew up by the ocean and miss the sounds and smell and serenity

  • Punk is the same as every other teenage movement- a device that an immature brain uses to figure out its place in the world. However some of these movements include causes such as ending a war, civil rights, and social justice, which punk never did.

    • The punk era’s music, fashion, and resistance to authoritarianism continue to resonate for me, so I’m surprised to see such a sweeping dismissal.

      • Yes! Agree about the “sweeping dismissal.” I’m older and wasn’t a teen during Punk’s height, but it’s so inspiring, creative and expressive! Love Erika’s designs, and I just ordered her book Indoors. I need the Cardigan in it.

    • Hi Mary!

      I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to be grossly misinformed about the ethos of the Punk subculture. Punk has always been rooted in egalitarianism and anti-elitism, eschewing simply following the status quo in favor of free thinking. It’s also an ideology of direct action and DIY ethic.

      Sometimes it’s difficult to glean the true meaning and value of a certain subculture or movement, especially one that can be a bit unrefined and chaotic such as punk. However, we should all remind ourselves that perhaps we don’t understand it simply because the underlying social or economic conditions that catalyzed a movement don’t apply to us. If we don’t get it, maybe it’s because we’re not meant to.

      Remember Mary, “No value to me” is NOT the same as “No value to anyone”. Happy knitting!

    • Maturing brains are always trying to figure out their place in the world. Creativity, seeing a new, and potentially better, way of showing our spirit is fundamental to constant growth and the ability to accept and adapt to change.

    • I think Llewellyn has already said it best, but this made me recall a comment from some weeks ago dissing the temperature blanket as a “dumb idea” (I am paraphrasing). You want to look out the window for the weather, somebody else wants to knit it, variety is the spice of life.

      Other than things like fascism which do deserve to be universally reviled, knitting has reinforced for me that different things bring joy and delight to various people. Judging or dismissing them with a broad sweep is perhaps a cue to examine oneself for smallness of spirit.

    • @Mary Lynne Foster did you not read the part where a fellow knitter gleaned inspiration from the movement you disparaged?

  • I love EK’s designs. The simplicity of shape, showcasing the yarn’s texture is sublime. I’m knitting a baby cardi “Jammy” at the moment and always hunt for more from this designer. I’ve bookmarked the podcast.

  • Is there a pattern for the scarf you are wearing in your photo? I can envision it coming together in some of the Atlas colors.

  • I had no idea that I must have a knight’s hood in Atlas’ sea glass. I keep tripping over myself for my next favorite color. Trying to plan order so I don’t have to make an appointment with my banker. He said no, I can’t have a sweater’s worth of so many all at once. Checking the grocery money next. Seriously, ❤️

  • Hi Cristina, Thanks for the link! It worked, ultimately. Took awhile, hence, the slow reply. Possibly due to operator error, but Knit Stars is very responsive if you email them. Have started with the MDK class and love all the linen talk. Not only all the qualities Ann and Kay mentioned especially how beautifully linen takes color. I want almost every color in the Euroflax palette, even the beige. Class so fun!

    • The urge to knit linen is strong especially this time of year!