Erika Knight: Of Magpies and Mavericks

March 11, 2022
Enter the world of Erika Knight's imagination with Field Guide No. 20: Atlas

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  • So fun to hear about Erka’s career. Fashion and travel. What could be better?

  • Thanks for this. I love hearing about the creative journey of artists and designers. Their process of “making a life” inspires me to keep making on mine.

  • I love her last line—
    “…but for me life is what happens in transit, which is why I always bring my knitting in my bag!”

  • Highly inspirational! And my late 70s art school memories in Pittsburgh are quite similar. Not as fab as London, however.

  • Have always been a huge fangirl❣️

  • I could have kept reading. What a life!

  • “The journey from one place to another is usually more important than the destination…” Boy that really hit home with me, trying to plan my journey into retirement and to dedicate much of my new free time to textile arts. Thanks for sharing this conversation Erika and Melanie.

  • Erika is inspiring!