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  • Those cables look so magnificently squishy that I can hardly stand it! I so love a fluffy cable. Can’t wait to try one of my own!

  • Your new yarn looks amazing! Will there be stockists in the U.K.? High customs/duty taxes make it prohibitive to order direct. I would love to try it out.

  • So much to love! Can’t wait to squish!!!

  • Lovely! Would you give us that slip stitch recipe, please?

  • Thanks for that comprehensive assessment, Jill. Really helpful!

  • Thank you, Jill. This is a big help….I can’t wait to squish it!! Congratulations MDK!!

  • I actually prefer my yarns to have less crisp definition, so your description of this is a plus with me.
    I don’t like too much drape but also don’t like knitting with small needles, so would need to play around with this yarn and my looser style of knitting to find what works best for me.
    And I love buying yarns from single breeds, just for the uniqueness of it. I buy a lot of British breed yarns and knitting with them ups my coolness factor.
    I appreciate what sounds like an honest critique of the yarn. And girls, I love the price. I expected the yarn to cost more.

    • Fascinating article, thank you!

  • Great article! Full of what we want to know and not science-y. Looking forward to getting my hands on Atlas.

  • As soon as I saw Jillian’s mini-manikin holding swatches in my inbox, I knew it was going to be an exceptionally good MDK day. Now I feel truly introduced to Atlas and all it’s potential. Thanks for another super-post Jillian!

  • I love these Jillian Moreno pieces – I learn so much. And I’m super looking forward to trying out Atlas.

  • Jillian this is so great! My box of Atlas arrived last night and it is exquisitely squeezy! But there’s a little “je ne sais quoi” that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I have a habit of listening to new yarn and when I held it up to my ear and gave it a squeeze, it whispered. It seemed to be saying “Yes, I’m squeezy but I’m not crazy. I’ve got your back.” It’s a barely perceptible crispness that makes sure the squeeze stays good and warm and cozy and doesn’t go too far. There’s a fine line between a squeeze and a choke hold.

    I love it. And now you’ve helped me understand that it’s not just my vivid imagination but actually part of the structure and nature of the fiber. I have a zoom in a few minutes but will be casting on a swatch with my lunch.

    • Karen, this reads like literary non-fiction. Love it!

  • An excellent rundown as usual from Jillian Moreno! Now I just have to restrain myself for that lovely golden brown to be back in stock 🙂

  • I’m sold! And hoping for many, many, many more colors!

  • Thanks for this comprehensive and comprehensible piece! I was lucky enough to try some Atlas, and what really struck me was how pill resistant it is for such a soft yarn. And I did a cable hat at a 23 over 4 inches gauge and loved how they turned out!

  • Love the picture of the sheep least we forget where all that goodness comes from.

  • I wonder how Atlas would work for a temperature blanket? It would be heavier than Felted Tweed, but I might like that. What do you all think?

  • I got my box of yarn for the blanket of joy kit. This yarn is just equisite. I actually thought about using it for a temperature blanket myself. But I love the pattern for the kit! The color card is spot on for the actual yarn also if anyone is wondering about that.

  • Lovely! Could I suggest adding an abrasion test too, like Clara Parkes does in her reviews.