MDK Gems: Twining Wrap and Nua Sport

By Ann Shayne
February 22, 2022

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  • Can’t say enough good things about this yarn, having used it multiple times. Currently working on Agnes by Camilla Vad using Kitten Fluff as the main color and Rolling Bales, Late Night Blues and Unexpected Macaw in the contrast colors. Love it.

  • I, too, love this yarn. I have made the Trellis Top in Chalk and Plum from Field Guide 14 and a cowl in Unexpected Macaw, from (as I recall) a pattern on Carol Feller’s website. Chalk and Plum is purple, without shouting PURPLE. Subtle enough to coordinate with many other colors and interesting enough to stand out against neutrals. Unexpected Macaw…a perfect shade of blue. As versatile as navy, but brighter. For when you really need a pleasant pop of color.

    What really sets this yarn apart for me though is the structure. Crisp enough to provide good stich definition for all of the design details. Yet soft enough to wear in comfort and casually drape as a shawl. Carol’s designs are such fun to knit both for the overall architectural approach and the subtle stich details that provide texture.

    Definitely put one of Carol’s designs on your needles, or on your list. Your future self will thank you.

    P.S. I have found that Unexpected Macaw sells out quickly.

  • Kudos to the photo stylist and photographer of these photos! Beautiful work.

  • LOVE the Trellis Top. So adoptable in length, buttoned or not. Great addition to the wardrobe.

    Now, what I really want to know is WHO does your photography? Every day you are showing us still-lifes that are drop-dead gorgeous pieces of art. Luscious, deeply rich, delicious, extraordinary lighting effects. Have you ever thought of offering prints of these photographs? I’d love to have some on my walls..

  • Delightful knits with delightful yarn!

  • Ann, like you the Twining Wrap was a COVID project for me and I fell in love with Nua Sport. After spotting the Trellis Top on a LYS person I jumped at the chance to revisit the yarn. Finished it mid- January, just before leaving for Florida, and will look forward to wearing it when I return to New England in April. Carol’s patterns are so well written and the cable patterns keep the projects interesting.

  • I loved every pattern in this MDK field guide. Glad I own it!