Announcing! The Designer for Field Guide No. 20

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
February 14, 2022

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  • Looking forward to this! I have all the Field Guides from the beginning. Just finished the cardigan in Big Joy and am working on cowl now.

  • Wonderful…I am excited to see Erica Knight’s patterns with MDK yarns!

  • Woohoo this will surely be an adventure I want go take on!!

  • Yay I just re-upped my subscription!

  • I love Erika Knight’s designs! Can’t wait to see what you all have for us.

    • I love Erika Knight’s designs also. I have several of her knitting books.

  • Currently I am knitting one of her baby hat patterns. Cannot wait to see what is in the newest Field Guides. The others will have to snuggle a bit closer in their box to make room.

  • yay!! looking forward to this!

  • Love the Atlas still life photo & can’t wait to see what the new field guide has in store.

  • Can hardly wait!

  • This is indeed good news! I’ve always admired Erika Knight’s designs and we get a new yarn too. A double treat!

  • Extra glad now to have already ordered my 2022 Field Guide subscription!

  • Can’t wait. I finished filling my field guide collection this Christmas and gave the duplicates as gifts to my knitting friends. I want everyone to join the fun.

  • Deeeelighted to have subscribed last fall!

  • The yarn looks yummy. I just ordered her Indoor book yesterday, so I am one of her fans.

  • I am already having happy fits over the yarn colors you’re flashing and you add Erika. Clever move, ladies. You got me.

  • That is exciting news!!!

  • Finishing my WIPs so I will be ready for the KAL.

  • I wish I could purchase a subscription but it is not offered in Canada. Have you ever considered offering an ebook subscription to the field guides across the world? I think it is a good proposition business wise. What do you think?

    • I second the motion. Wonderful to see all the good ideas and beautiful wools, it we cannot subscribe from Canada. Can MDK become international ?

  • Loving the Lapis color. Looking forward to knitting it up

  • Good gracious. I can count on MDK for taking me down a rabbit hole every Saturday morning…..Atlas yarn, checking out Erika Knight past designs, my rabbit holes have rabbit holes. This is what makes me forget Walter’s groom appointment. I’m sure other patrons have dropped their dogs off while wearing their pajamas right?? Imagine once I get my field guide and color card…….

  • OOOOoooo, Erika – that necklace!!

  • I’ve knit two of Erika’s designs for my new grandbaby. I can’t wait to see the new Field Guide!

  • During the doldrums of February, to think that March and a new field guide are on the horizon makes my day!

  • OOOHHH, I am so excited to see what treasures will be in this Field Guide! Erica’s designs are stunning while having such simple & elegant lines. This will be a treasure (not to mention the shade card for Atlas!)!!