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Hey friends! Have you subscribed to the three MDK Field Guides for 2022?

If your answer is yes, THANK YOU. Subscriptions enable us to work on Field Guides far in advance and bring knitters the very best in design for hand knitting, in an intimate and interesting way. Subscriptions also support our free daily content and all the fun on MDK, from Snippets to Bang Out a Sweater. We are able to do these things because of your support, and we appreciate you.

If you’ve been meaning to subscribe, now would be a particularly great time, because you’ll get an advance copy of all three 2022 Field Guides, including the one that will be shipping out to subscribers in just a few weeks.

It only takes a moment to subscribe—click right here.  

Busy Bees

Right now the MDK team is a hive of subscriber prep activities, with much sighing-over-beauty and modeling-of-samples as we go.

There’s also a decent amount of manual labor, as we put together a Special Surprise that will be mailed with each subscriber’s early copy of Field Guide No. 20. More about that below.

Team work makes the dream work! Piecework makes the fleece work! Beast work ain’t the least work! 

We recognize that advance purchase of a series is an act of trust in us. That is a huge honor that fills us with pride and motivates us to keep doing our very best.

Why Subscribe?

Great little books that knitters love. We have three beautiful new books in the works for you. It’s killing us to keep the names of the next three designers under wraps—but we can tell you one thing: it’s going to be legendary. 

Simplicity.  Each 2022 Field Guide will just appear in your mailbox—a surprise present from Past You. Past You is so awesome!

Early Bird Status. We ship out subscriber copies a couple weeks before the official launch date. When we do, your shipping notification email will include a download code for the digital e-book edition, which you can enjoy immediately. 

A subscribers-only discount. We’ll also email you a special coupon code for that Field Guide. It’s our way of saying thanks for subscribing, in a knitterly way: with a deal!

But Wait! There’s More

MDK’s first yarn, Atlas, will make its debut in Field Guide No. 20!

This is the biggest of big deals in the life of our little company. It’s been a wonderful adventure designing the first MDK yarn, named for our beloved warehouse home on Atlas Drive in Nashville.

Atlas is a US-grown, -spun, and -dyed 100% Rambouillet wool, in a light worsted weight.

Each subscriber copy of Field Guide No. 20 will ship with a shade card that has a strand of Atlas lovingly looped onto it. You can simply admire the loveliness and majesty of Atlas, or you can knit up the world’s tiniest and cutest and most perfect little swatch, to get a sense of the bouncy, light fabric Atlas makes. Are we planning to make lots of social media hay with these sweet micro swatches? Have you met us?

There’s lots of fun ahead with Atlas, in Field Guide No. 20 and many other ways. It’s a go-to yarn, and we can’t wait for it to go to knitters’ needles everywhere.

Thank you so much.

Subscribing now is an excellent way to support MDK’s free daily content, and all the writers, designers, photographers, editors, and the team who make MDK a vibrant destination for knitters. Our goal everyday is to bring joy to the lives of knitters, and we couldn’t do it without your steadfast support.

To subscribe to the Field Guides for 2022, click here. And if you’ve already subscribed, thank you so much! We have so much fun to look forward to. 


Ann and Kay


  • Such GREAT & EXCITING news ! Looking forward to ATLAS!!

  • Will there be any UK stockists of the guides or the wool.
    After all the name does imply it will find its way around the world.

  • Thank you! I woke up to this wonderful news along with several inches of snow. I prefer the wool 😉

  • Yay Atlas yarn! Can’t wait to try it

  • Well now this is exciting! I look forward to taking Atlas for a test drive. Thank you!

  • And somehow I have missed the gift code! So excited for Atlas.

  • Everyone should subscribe. I have all the Field Guides and have never been disappointed. I reference to them often. I see a new bin for yarn in my future.

  • My first time subscribing and I can’t wait!!

  • i have 3 skeins of Atlas that I got with my Skill Set i purchased recently. It’s lovely, however the project is not yet complete. It’s too bad I can’t upload a picture.

  • This is SO EXCITING!

  • I was collecting Field Guides before you started the wonderful subscription service. I have them all….I am always amazed that when I see something new like a new stitch or a new method of doing something I can find it in a field guid. Best thing since sliced bread.

  • I just had to check, and YES I did remember to subscribe again. Your mailings are always a treat – now to remember to apply my coupon code 😉

    • I recently ordered some Freia Pam and forgot to apply my coupon code from my last splurge… emailed MDK the next day and voila had a refund on my card! The advantage of buying from real humans!

  • Is it still not possible to subscribe if you live outside the USA? Can you do something about that? FOMO.

  • Ooh! That color swatch photo has my brain thinking up all sorts of palettes….

  • Looking forward to my first Field Guide of 2022!

  • Ruth, if you get an orange strand I promise I’ll trade with you!

  • Already an early subscriber, I am even more excited about receiving the Atlas shade card and sample strand. An actual sample strand! Yes!

  • Love the entire palette and weight of Atlas! Really looking forward to this adventure.

  • Done and Done! On pins and needles waiting for the ‘surprise’ to arrive! Love getting gifts in the mail!

  • I ❤️ the ATLAS palette. Can’t wait! Good job everyone!

  • The field guides r wonderful little surprises! Absolutely love them!

  • The MDK Field Guides are a real treat! I, too, have them all and subscribe each year when the holiday extravaganza starts. If Ann and all the other comments haven’t pushed you over the edge, I don’t think my endorsement will either, but truly “Treat Yourself!!”

  • ATLAS[T]! I am looking forward to the Atlas knitting experience. Every Field Guide features at least one design that I just have to start right away!

  • Would love to subscribe, but live in Canada. I have been waiting since subscriptions started for them to be available outside the US.

    • Hi Gayle! We wish we could accommodate you! We do have stockists in Canada who carry the Field Guides. Scroll down to the bottom of our Stockist list here to see who’s near you, and who might send you a copy:

  • Feeling jealous here in Australia too. Hope one day an international subscription will be affordable enough for MDK to offer.

  • How much is the subscription to field guides 2022?

  • Awwww so, so proud ! Kudos to the whole team!

  • I have 2 things holding me back, I am a BRAND new knitter (1 hat full of errors completed) will this have anything for my level of stitching. And are these patterns only for little skinny model size people?

    • Robin, The field guides do a great job of having a variety of patterns, including more simple designs. The Lopi issue (the closest one to hand) has patterns with nine sizes, the largest being a 67.75” finished bust size.
      The expert knitter you will one day be will be happy with your decision to subscribe. I have all of them, and I knit from all of them.

  • Dear MDK, This is why I ❤️ you, and why I’m a subscriber every year. You make me feel special, and appreciated. Thank you!

  • Love Field Guides…….Thank you for this wonderful resource at my fingertips…..always know where to go to find instructions and inspiration. When will the little orange boxes be available again? I have 2 and I need a third one to start this new adventure with Field Guide 20. Love the book marks and cards you tuck in the Guide I use them all the time in cook books, what I am reading and most of all my next project I have seen.

  • It is a shame that your knitting kneighbours of the knorth cannot be included in your knitting guides offer

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