A Tale of Two Swarfs

By Kay Gardiner
January 20, 2022
It's a flash knitalong: we're making Cecelia Campochiaro's glorified dickie, the marl-velous Swarf. Join us!

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  • I have two golden doodles who are 60 pounds each. I think two swoops would take me two weeks but I’ll let you know. Brilliant idea. I love when my creative self turns on the lightbulb. We have credenza for tv/cable boxes. Their playballs kept rolling under it and I would get down on my knees to retrieve them. Very painful. Last week I took cardboard from a box, cut it the right size, put covered it in contact paper to match my rug. No more lost balls!

  • I love how Olive refuses to look at the camera.

    • I noticed that too. Poor Olive, the paparazzi are exhausting.

  • What does Olive think about her new look? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • yes I’d like an Olive review of Knit….

  • I saw Olive strutting her swoof on instagram yesterday and thought “brilliant idea”! I love this. It reminds me of a horse blanket.

  • Using Lopi was a brilliant idea!

    • It might be time for a Skitty (Skwitty?)… there is some Lopi laying around & the kitty, he likes to be warm (and admired)…

      • I am tempted to try this even though I’m nowhere near done on my own Swarf! I have an elderly cat who seems to feel the cold more and more. She is a tuxedo so whatever colors I put on her, she will pop..

  • I don’t even have a dog and I want to knit one. I think it’s because it is called Swoof. And because Olive wears it so well.

  • This is genius and adorable, a winning combination in my book!

  • This is terrific. And you could run a line of elastic around the neck to draw it in a bit? I’ve been known to do that for arrmholes neck lines etc..

  • Oh my. This one hits ALL my hot buttons. Three dogs — many options.

  • My pup what never wear HUMAN clothes. Are you serious??????
    That Olive , she is such a precious diva!

  • This is the cutest and Olive is such a reluctant model. LOL

    • To be fair to her I picked the shots that were all about the sweater! She does occasionally look at me more or less cheerfully.

  • This is fantastic. I will be making some for my next craft fair. Unfortunately, my dog is a Sheltie living in Florida so he doesn’t need a coat.

  • This is fabulous! I would think about adding a large button and a loop on the neck. Still super easy to get it on, but then snugs it up.

    • Such an excellent idea! It’s a toggle-opportunity!

      • I had one of those Jul toggle/snap thingies (in my button box for 10 years) and I just installed it, now awaiting on her royal highness to feel like putting her sweater on.

  • Terrific idea! I have a friend with a Great Dane that needs a winter warm-up jacket … now if I could just get Hannah (the Dane) to allow measurements … 🙂

  • OMG, that is soooo cute! I knitted a sweater for my dachshund years ago absolutely on the wing (no pattern) out of some kinda fancy alpaca something something. He still sports it occasionally but he’s too elderly to be outside in the cold now. This is a perfect project for Lettlopi–what a wonderful workhorse of a yarn. And those colors!! thanks, Kay, and thanks, Olive!

  • So…since Olive looks good in both earth AND jewel tones she must be an Autumn/Winter, a legitimate variation. There’s a book about that. Your design is really elegant, Kay. I bet she struts her stuff in all the right places.

  • So smart, and Olive wears it beautifully! For bigger dogs with deeper chests that are hard to fit, it might be fairly easy to knit and attach a belly band to each side of the back (with a simple button closure) closer to the rear legs…that might help keep the back of the Swoof from shifting as the dog walks.

    • My GSD, Countess Lily Pons agrees.

  • My felt guilty for knitting my crabby chihuahua mix, Jayne, a lettlopi sweater (with colorwork yoke). Thanks for normalizing Icelandic wool sweaters for dogs! 😉 Love the Swoof.

    • Guilty, no way. All doggos deserve the best.

  • just beautiful Kay, great explanation too and funny, love your writing!

  • The Swoof is nice, but it seems the supermodel diva was in a mood. Maybe the makeup artist didn’t show up on time for the shoot. Then again, maybe Olive wasn’t paid enough for the fittings…

  • I’m not a dog person (sorry) and I don’t think my cats would be amused with this lovely knit garment. I have to say this post is one of my favorites from MDK. Thanks for the chuckle!

  • Your Swarf is beautiful. Bet those colors look great on you.

    I love Olive’s Swoof. Perfect. When she walks through Central Park, the paparazzi must follow her. She has just enough attitude. Cunningham would have lifted his lens. I bet The Canine Sartorialist knows her.

    All you makers coming up with bespoke wardrobes for your pets are making me jealous! I need a dog.

  • I am obsessed with the Swoof. I wish I had a woof to make a Swoof for!

    • How about one for your local humane/animal services/ rescue group. i bet they need one.


  • Genius!

  • Thank you. One of our volunteers has a chihuahua that really needs a swoof. I am so on this.

  • I love your Olive in her new sweater aka Mrs. Maisel style! And since she’s an “Autumn” the colors are perfect! My smile for the day!

  • That is cussin’ cute (leaps out of bed to find yarn…)

  • How sweet, a Swoof!
    I have an English Mastiff who would wear a swarf bigger than me, and a fluffy floofy Newfoundland. They’re not Swoof dogs, just in their hearts.