Knit to This: Glorious Kaffe Fassett, Part II

By Kay Gardiner
January 15, 2022
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  • These two interviews are so well done. Andrea always lets her guests shine and you can tell she was well prepared and drew out so many different topics from the Master of Colour. Thank you for highlighting this great podcast. It is worth watching the whole video. It is like dipping into an interesting magazine.

  • Thank you so much for showcasing Fruity Knitting. Andrea and Madeleine need as much help / exposure as they can get and I am awed at their courage to keep going. And yes this interview with Kaffe is beautiful – just what we need both in winter weather and in “the winter of our discontent”

  • These were wonderful. I admire the Fruity Knitting videos so much, Andrea and her daughter have such a sweet lovely style, they’re always a pleasure to watch. And the knitters/designers that they present are so interesting.

  • Since 2016, the Doig family has created over 100 episodes of splendid interviews and demonstrations about all things knitting, fiber and fiber arts. If you are looking for a[nother] knitting community to inspire your work, this is one to consider and support for its hours and hours of consistently top-notch content and beauty. The format is truly transportive, creating an experience unlike any other existing knitting community.

    • Agree! And Andrea’s discussions of how she alters knitting patterns for her preferred fit (and sometimes design) are also very instructive.

  • I watched the first interview and googled Andrea because of her thoughtful questions. And then watched Every. Single. Podcast. She’s quite impressive. Thank you for adding her to my knitting obsession.

  • Terrific interview with Kaffe in Part 1. Very well researched and thoughtful questions make for an insightful discussion of his artistic journey. I have been a Kaffe fan for many years and I found this to be fresh inspiration.
    Thanks Kay for shining some light on Fruity Knitting and their good work.
    Must knit TV.

  • Such a fun interview, just seeing their home and workspace was worth watching, but their take on color and creativity make it even more enjoyable.

  • watched both interviews with Kaffe, They were great. I met him about 20 years ago.