Knit to This: Glorious Kaffe Fassett

By Kay Gardiner
December 4, 2021

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  • The Kaffe Fassett interview is the most delightful among many splendid interviews that Andrea has conducted. It inspired me to purchase his “Dreaming in Color” autobiography as an early Christmas present for me.

  • Thank you! I will want to make everything in the room! Kaffe is always a creative inspiration. The “Just Do It” force in fiber arts.

  • This is a wonderful interview! Andrea finds amazing guests and engages them so charmingly. I love Fruity Knitting!

    In this interview, Andrea shares a wonderful idea….buy a piece of Kaffe Fasset fabric and then match it with yarn for an amazing colourway. Like many, I need more colour in my life!

  • Kay, what a wonderful podcast/video. I plan to view the second installment. Please post a reminder. Thank you for all the neat stuff you share on your site.

  • Kay! Thank you so much.

    I have a feeling that the world is righting itself when Andrea and Fruity Knitting pop up in other knitting communities. I found Fruity Knitting at the beginning of the pandemic and it saved me (period, full stop). Here in the US we are just beginning another long winter season. So, my advice is … If you have not had the pleasure of knowing the Doig Family and becoming a patron of the show, please start with a look at episode one and give it consideration. You will be in awe. I am go grateful to be able to rewatch the episodes.

    • Agree!!

  • Fruity Knitting podcasts are wonderful but it should be noted that Andrea has just lost her husband and business partner so if you watch and enjoy the podcast you need to consider becoming a patron to support her.

    • Agree! Direct support of artisans has become a greater focus of mine since we entered COVID times because it makes me feel I am actually doing something real and meaningful while so much else has been limited. I joined FK after watching only a few episodes. It is so worth it! The return on investment = priceless.

  • Ditto all you’ve said! Andrea does such a great job in the interview and has clearly done her research ahead of time so that they are talking about his true artistry and not just the basics. She’s a real pro!

  • It’s a wonderful interview and I can’t wait for part two. So. Much. Eye-candy.

  • I also found Fruity Knitting at the beginning of the pandemic and immediately thought that, along with highlighting outstanding designers and craftspeople, Andrea and Andrew were producing important documentaries of knitting traditions and fiber production. Andrea frequently discusses technical aspects of her knitting projects. Watch their earlier shows–as Andrew is gamely learning to knit. His death came less than a year, I think, after he left his “real” job to take on the Fruity Knitting shows full-time. I’m really glad Andrea is carrying on and encourage folks to support her work. Thanks, MDK, for including her here!

  • Thank you for sharing that interview (podcast). Really enjoyed it. As a painter, knitter, weaver and photographer who uses lots and lots of color, I’ve been a fan of Fasset for sometime. I had no idea he was from my native California too. And that his parents built Nepenthe, a favorite haunt for many of us in the Bay Area.

  • This is a wonderful interview, looking forward to part 2. Fruitty Knitting is one of my favourites!

  • Imagine my surprise when I walked into my LYS many years ago to find Kaffe Fassett sitting there and signing books ! I have found that his designs are too complicated for me to knit but he does BEAUTIFUL works and I adore him for bringing life to knitting, needlepoint and quilting. His creative spirit seems to be without bounds and we are so fortunate to have him ❤️

  • This was a wonderful interview. Andrea was so prepared and Kaffe Fassett was a joy. I can’t wait until the second part of the interview. Fruity Knitting is such a valuable part of my knitting world. I highly recommend becoming a patron.

  • Just wow!!! Thankyou. xx