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  • Your original Kiki kit has been sitting in my stash for a while, but that didn’t stop me from ordering the grellow kit earlier this week (among other things). Not sure which I’ll start on first….

  • I love your writing! Maybe even enough to snap up another Kiki Mariko.

  • I gave you a little nod of mutual understanding when you mentioned just whose bed it was.
    I sleep in our Red Bone Coonhounds bed because he just loves to snuggle in between his subjects.

    • Alas I cannot commit to another kiko. But I did make two log cabin dishclothes

  • That grellow…!!

  • Need to know dimensions of finished rug before embarking on such a project…..

    • It’s approximately 26 x 40 inches after felting.

      • Very good to know!

  • I have one of your rug kits, purchased in the fall, sitting in my queue. As.trmpting as it is, I promised myself that I have to start and complete a queue item before I can add another.

  • “Terrier Assistant”??!?? Just wait until Olive’s lawyers hear about this!

    • I am Olive’s lawyers.

  • I have made three Kiki Mariko rugs and am waiting on an opportunity for a fourth. Definitely, for me, a fun project.

    I was reviewing my knitting “pile” recently. Every once in a while it needs sorting out. In doing this, I realized just how much better my approach to knitting has become since I found the MDK community. Three-fourths of a ball of left over yarn was enough for a toddler-size hat for a friend’s granddaughter. Two hours later, a nice little baby gift was ready to mail. A partially knitted sequence stitched pillow cover was ripped out and restarted. I could not figure out where I was in the pattern and realized I had not done a very good job following the directions. Which also explained why it did not exactly look right. The first four rows were saved and transferred from a (barely long enough) straight needle to a more comfortable circular one. I could not find the other straight needle anyway. There is still a Kaffe Fassett project in a bag. Maybe it is waiting for a Revolution Tray.

    In the past, pre-MDK, all of this would have been very frustrating. Now, it’s an opportunity for creative inspiration. And it helps to know that even the best knitters sometimes have to start over. So, thanks for being there every morning with expert guidance and support through this knitting journey.

  • Oh gosh, the grellow!

  • I see you are out of stock on the Kiki rug kit ! Will you be getting any more ?

  • I was delighted when I saw the rug kit was on sale and thought about what needed to keep it company on its travels and then remembered you currently can’t deliver to Australia . Looking forward to the post returning to normal!