Revolution Tray

By Hey Blue Handmade


Ellen Schiller builds forms of exquisite beauty that are also sturdy, machine-washable bags and vessels. The gray zigzag stitching is so beautiful—the pattern and randomness of it are not like anything we’ve seen before.

We love these trays for keeping our favorite knitting tools at the ready. How will you use your Revolution Tray?

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About Ellen

Hey Blue Handmade is the work of Ellen Schiller, a New England maker, mama, and former book publishing nine-to-fiver. She has slowly developed techniques and tricks for manifesting unique shapes and forms that truly set her work apart. Ellen loves to experiment with new colorways and materials, but her favorite part of the day is sitting down to sew, anticipating what forms will take shape with each mesmerizing spiral.

Please note the yarn in the photos is not included.