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  • I love the Color Explosion Throw, but the project is too ambitious–I knit for 20 adults every Christmas, and they all get the same thing, just in different colors. So I will knit 20 marl-velous strips = 20 scarves. If I start now, I’ll be done by Christmas 2022.

    • I did a strip as a scarf and I love it and it gets a TON of compliments!!!!

  • Ok, after Christmas I will share progress on my throw. I’m onto the third strip already, it’s totally addictive, I’m loving it.

  • Ok, I will share progress on my throw after Christmas. I am on the third strip already, it’s totally addictive and I’m loving it.

  • I’ve never tried marling— then again I’ve not done much in the way of color work either! I knit for a wonderful local nonprofit who donates prayer shawls and lap blankets to Alzheimer’s patients. I think marling might be a good way to add a bit of color without be overwhelming. Thank you for all that you do. Happiest of holidays to you all!

  • Congratulations Cristal! Very nice hat!

  • Just cast on and knit the first row of my Marlogram. I thought the kittens were asleep. They weren’t.

  • Marling is so addictive !

  • Possibly staying up too late indeed! Those slippers for my new daughter-in-law won’t knit themselves 😉

  • The marling scarf is my fav

  • Thank you for this post! I always love seeing what other knitters put together. Amazing, just amazing!! Happy Holidays to all.

  • I’m enjoying knitting the Marlogram scarf, but the Color Explosion Throw was one of my most enjoyable projects ever and I see another in my future after the holidays!

  • Ok, I am going to give in. Seeing how beautiful the sweater is in the photo you featured, on the woman in front of the blue wall, convinces me I NEED to make one, with marl and color running all the way down to ¾ sleeves. I do have a couple of projects to finish by Christmas first, then to join your KAL!Q Its will be my first and I have a lot of catching up to do, but it will be delightful. Thanks!

    • oops, typo on that “KAL” comment. Not meaning to signal anything, just clumsy fingering on the keyboard

  • Ann and Kay, I don’t suppose you every thought a “knitting freak of nature” reads your newsletter. I don’t see myself as such but having won some blue ribbons at the Fair I may adopt it as one of my personae. Or put it on my tombstone.
    Thanks for the giggle.