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  • Sweet!

  • This is the perfect gift! Both the app AND your tutorial on how to gift it!

  • I encourage you to create a similar app with intermediate/advanced knitting skills…is this by any chance in the works?

  • So good to know about this, thanks Kay!

  • I got the app so I would be able to teach new knitters no matter where I was. Even so, I have learned a few things myself and also find it handy if I need to review something.
    I really appreciate how the app gives basic instruction because when someone is a new knitter it can be very confusing to learn many different ways to do one thing (such as, for example, casting on). At the beginning, it is best to first get a basic technique under one’s belt. Like they used to say in that old T.V. show, “just the facts, ma’am”.

  • Thank you a million times. This is so helpful!!!

  • my daughter in law and I are both android users… we need this!

    • To be clear, the app is definitely available for Android—their platform currently doesn’t allow gifting but you can download it to your own phone in the Google Play shop/app.

  • Look at you teaching technology, too?!? This AND the world’s best water hose?
    I will also vouch that this is good for experienced knitters, too — most of us aren’t experienced in everything, or continuously using all the skills. And we get to hear your voice gently and supportively explaining it, score!

  • I giggled at the screen that lets us know it’s for ages over 4. They can probably download it themselves, lol. I’m always getting the young ones to do stuff for me regarding technology.

  • I know you are MDKnitting but a Crochet app would be good too, just asking for a friend

  • Any reaction from Ms. Olive to that “easy enough for a terrier” description?

  • Wonderful tutorial! I am glad it’s available on Google play for my own download but I hope we’ll eventually be able to gift it. I’ve got a couple friends who learned how to knit during the pandemic and this would be a great little surprise to send them when we can’t get together.

  • How long does it take for the Skill set app to download? I bought it on my Apple iPhone today and I see the icon but I am not seeing the program.

  • I have the Skill Set app myself and just tried to gift to a friend. When I open the app on my iPhone, I just have an open icon to go straight into the app. There is no “forward” icon to send to a friend. I looked in the app for a way to gift, but cannot find anything. Some tech help please. ☺️ Thanks!!!!!

  • I have the Skill Set app on my Samsung phone. But need a new phone and am probably getting an IPhone this time. Am I going to lose access to my app?

  • I’ve used this app in the past but not for awhile – now it will not accept my password which is supposed to be the same as my password for this site.
    Kind of frustrating – is there a solution without changing my password for this site?