Little Lessons: Changing Colors for Marls

November 17, 2021

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  • Somehow watching MDK videos always leads to a half hour of watching Olive and Mabel.

    • Olive and Mabel always make me happy!

  • I spit splice the yarn (Rowan Felted Tweed) together when changing colors. I love not having to deal with weaving in ends.

  • I am knitting the colour explosion throw. I t really is reversible, but if I leave those little bits of yarn after trimming, there will be a definite ‘wrong side”. I am using the felted tweed (leftovers from my kites throw!) so it is definitely “woolly”. I’ve knitted 8 stitches with the three strands at the colour change instead if the 6 in the pattern…I thought this was a belt and braces kind of precaution, but after watching Jenn’s video, I am thinking I should probably weave in the ends so that they are less likely to “pop out”. What do you think? I would like to keep it totally reversible if I can….