Little Lessons: Casting on for Marls

October 18, 2021

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  • Thank you, Jen! Your calm explanations are a balm for my needle-stabbing tendencies when confused.

  • Excellent video!! Thank you very much!

  • Saved! Thank you Jen

  • Great video, the bonus is a new way to make a slip knot. Thank you for always teaching me something new.

  • Love your videos! I have gone down the marl rabbit hole even before these patterns came out.i love the way the yarns play on one another. I’ve made a hat, sweaters, scarves. I have a box of fingering weight yarn in several colors that I’m swatching to make a striped sweater. Can’t wait.

  • I learned this “spaced” long tail cast-on from cat Bordhi and have used it ever since! Love it!

  • This is a great article and video! Definitely saved for reference later on. Thank you!

  • Very interesting, using the index finger to ensure the stitches aren’t too close together.

    BTW you do NOT need a slipknot at the beginning of the Long Tail CO. Just twist the tail and working yarn as a loop on the needle and off you go! I can’t remember where I first learned this, but it works like a charm, and avoids the pesky little bump a slip knot creates. Try it!

    It doesn’t work for the knitted cast on, the cable cast on, etc. but it does in the LTCO because of the tail. The first stitch you make after the loop secures the loop. My mind was fairly blown the first time I tried it. 🙂

    • Generally speaking, I just hold the yarn over the needle before starting the long-tail cast on. But in this situation I was matching the instructions in the Field Guide, so went with the slip knot. I love that there are so many ways to achieve the same things in knitting. 🙂

  • I’ve heard similar advice before that using a larger needle doesn’t work. And yet, if I use a smaller needle the cast on is definitely too tight. Perhaps I’m subconsciously spacing them out more because it’s a larger needle? Works for me anyway.