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  • 1) Find and fill in post-its (approx. 8″x10″).
    2) Stick subtly around house: fridge, mirrors, kitchen cabinets, coffeemaker, front door, back door, bureau drawers, coat pockets…hmmm, that should cover it nicely. More suggestions always welcome!
    3) Check under the tree at regular intervals.
    I love holiday planning! Thanks, Kay and Ann, for making it so easy!

    • Don’t forget on the steering wheel in the car! Tool shed?
      If you need one sticky note for every nice thing, you’ll definitely need a lot of places….

  • The yarns you carry, the projects, the whole ambiance and obvious great goals of your business are almost overwhelming. I end up reading each post wanting to buy one of everything, just to bring your joy into my own house. Creative kudos to you all.