It’s On! The Knitalong Where We Marl

By Ann Shayne
November 2, 2021

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  • Woohoo. So glad WIPs are included!

  • And I bought yet more yarn – loving the Spectra Sweater!

  • I just need to finish my Shawlography and I will have lots of leftovers that can become marled hats!

  • I am already marling away. I bought the Field Guide at my LYS as well as some self stirping lace weight mohair to marl with a giant ball of Freia Laceweight that was already in my yarn cupboard. After due consideration and swatching from the book, I am making a comventional cowl using the pattern from the Swarf and I am well on my way.The Field Guide as well as the Sequences big book ae sitting on my coffee table so they can keep inspiring me.

    • Yay! I love the Marlogram Cowl so much that I’ve become obsessed and can’t put it down. I may have a slight problem. Marling is addictive!

  • Woohoo! I can’t join right away, because Christmas knitting – but as soon as I finish that, I’m casting on a Swarf!

  • *appreciates the mention of the Iowa State Fair.
    (Let’s get marling!)

    • Same here!

  • That dickie needs to be modeled by Howard Wolowitz …
    (Of The Big Bang Theory)

    • Yes! Can you imagine?

  • looking forward to marling! But don’t know what weight yarns to use

  • At least once on every row of my Swarf (OMG, had to start with this lovely bit of cleverness that’s perfect for Texas), I think about how much I’m loving the cuddly Tynd and that I must find more and more projects to use it. It’s divine!

  • First time marler here, looking forward to hat and to begin throw.

  • Marlogram scarf for me:)

  • Finished the hat…blocking now. Have the yarn for the color explosion throw…so I imagine that will be next. Really want to do the swarf and the sweater. I always dream big!

  • I have started one Marlogram and have more Freia on the way for another. I wanted to try out Cecelia’s sequence knitting and love how this project combines it with marling, so a two-fer!

  • The marjoram scarf! I already bought the mdk field guide from the local LYS. How do I join??

  • I’ve been whittling down my stash and hope to do the scarf or that Woolfolk Tynd

  • Marlogram Scarf with Freia! Got one thing to finish, then it’s time to marl

  • I have a stash that is embarrassing and there is a lot of sock yarn because I love to look at it but I don’t like working with it and now marling has given that yarn a new life and this is too fun !

    • There is no such thing as an embarrassing stash! That is like calling something a guilty pleasure. If it makes you happy . . . revel in it and enjoy every moment.

  • I purchased the field guide on Ravelry. AmI eligible for the marlalong?

  • started the Color Explosion Throw yesterday never have marked before but I like it.

  • I am half finished the Colour Explosion Throw. It is a Christmas present but I am going to find it hard to give this one away. Not least because the lovely Rowan Felted Tweed makes it officially the most expensive project I have ever knit!

  • Want so much to marl. Need to decide which project I love more. Dwarf? Explosion? Oh my!

  • I find the swarf intriguing What colours to choose?